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The staff is excellent! The teachers are warm and always happy .. it’s a very comfortable environment and IVe watched my child flourish, and learn so much in the short time she’s been there. - Natally Di C. on 06/19/2018

Great Teachers!! Very involved with your child makes it easy leave with peace of mind to work. - Priscilla N. on 06/13/2018

Services - Ukamaka/Jude O. on 05/30/2018

I like that the location is clean and safe for the kids. The teachers are friendly and care about the kids. I can freely speak about my concerns and know my child’s teacher is listening and concerned and ready to help make the changes for the good of my child and all those around him. I have noticed that his behavior is changing and his choice of words is not to our liking so that is frustrating. There seems to be a child in his class that brings bad habits with him and with our kids so impressionable they pick it up quickly. So that is an ongoing battle to fix the bad habits he brings home. I know some of this is unavoidable. So we just keep an open mind. I am planning to bring my 4 mth old to the center and have been watching the room daily as I walk by. The teacher is friendly and appears to be hands on. My fear is that the room has hard linoleum floors which is dangerous for anyone, especially if you were to be crawling around on your hands and knees, which is exactly what my son and other babies will be doing. Their knees pounding on basically concrete all day is not good. And I am worried about him falling back and hitting his head on the hard floor or slipping off his hands while still learning to crawl and falling on his face on the hard floor. It just doesn’t seem safe for them at all. That is one of my most concerning factors that has me hesitating now. I have never seen that flooring in other facility’s baby room. They typically have matting all over or carpet and anyone that goes in must cover their shoes at all times. For the most part the teachers do, but there are moments when the shoes are worn uncovered and I just cringe. All in all this location is much better than most places I have been to, so that’s great. I am a person who always strives to be better and feel there is always room to improve. I coach at a high school and I tell the kids “Never give up and focus on making your best, better!!” - Derrick W. on 05/05/2018

Sense of security Academic structure Convenient - Alana T. on 04/11/2018

The girls from the toddlers 2 are very loving and caring, I am very pleased. They do a great job. Best part of our experience so far. Now that my son is in the toodlers room he is learning his colors and more animals. - Anaim G. on 04/04/2018

prepares them for school - Natalie B. on 04/03/2018

The staff and curriculum! - Jennifer L. on 04/03/2018

The type of curriculum you provide to the children - Jennifer C. on 04/03/2018

Vocabulary has advance. - Loriann S. on 03/31/2018

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