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My son is learning his abc's and how to play with others - Carey N. on 06/18/2013

caring providers. responsive to our needs - Jennifer B. on 06/15/2013

people actually care about my kids - Niaz S. on 06/14/2013

The face that my child is happy and taken care of. - Melissa C. on 06/14/2013

The attn to details the teachers give the children. the cleanlyness. teach kids alot and preparing them for kindergarden - Anthony A. on 06/14/2013

My grandson has only been there for a few weeks, and his talking is getting better, the people that work there are good friendly people, I know I mad the right choice in taking him there....Thanks - Robert A. on 05/17/2013

teachers are caring and loving - Amy B. on 05/12/2013

All if the teachers are very compassionate with not only my child but with me as a new mom having to use day care for the first time. They follow all if the instructions I give them and gently recommend changes as her needs change. They are slow to let me know milestones she hit during they day- making sure I have had a chance to experience them also before they tell me what she is doing. - Arin S. on 05/11/2013

The employees genuinely care about the children. - Bently R. on 05/10/2013

As a parent, we want to know that our kids are safe and that we can communicate clearly about our needs. At Kiddie Academy, I feel the open and relaxed communication where I can express myself, ask, or require anything as it pertains to my child and thereafter it if followed through. Everything that I speak is acted upon, even the small things that I wouldn't even catch myself on a typical day. The love that flows through the daycare is contagious, I love that, everyone is respectful and attentive. I love the fact that the atmosphere is maintained, no lack or slack on the respect, love, patience, and requirements of parents. This daycare is simply amazing, and it shows each time my son arrives and leaves the daycare, he is happy, and he comes home with the love and happiness in his eyes. If I am having a bad day, his love coming from daycare is contagious, and my attitude starts to look brighter, thanks Kiddies Academy. - Andrea P. on 04/02/2013

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