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Very organized and great lessons for the toddler classes. The logs are very thorough and appropriated! - Jayme P. on 07/21/2023

Everything is excellent. Highly professional and a welcoming environment - Taofeek Q. on 07/14/2023

I personally like how each child is recognized and treated well by all members of the staff and not just his teachers in particular which shows a complete involvement of all staff members in all levels of the school. I love my Son's teacher, class 2c and how interested she is in his development. How she takes special care to provide games and toys that engage him in particular as he's speech delayed and requires a bit more attention than some other kids yet she doesn't let him fall behind which i appreciate. it truly feels like he's being cared for. - Nkeiru O. on 07/14/2023

The staff is always kind. The teachers work hard to make every day fun, and I know my daughter has a great time! She is happy to go to daycare and likes her teachers. The directors seem to take care of a lot, and it shows! Things run seamlessly and I feel comforted that my baby is safe, learning, and having a great time. - Allysha W. on 07/14/2023

Excellent communication and focus on children’s safety - Stephanie O. on 07/14/2023

We Love pretty much everything about the Kiddie Academy of Hanover. The Director, the assistants, the teachers all have a high level of integrity with what they do. This location is extremely organized and have an app that works very well! My child loves to come and is always in a good mood when she is leaving saying Goodbye to the staff happily It's literally exactly the type of place that Parents who are very specific about what their child is exposed to and whom they will be around need with regards to our child care. 10 out of 10 hands down! - Antwan W. on 07/14/2023

We love Kiddie Academy Hanover! Ms. Michelle, Ms. Venu, and all the Toddler teachers are WONDERFUL! We have seen huge growth in our child’s language and pre-academic skills since moving to KA in May. We love the communication, safety measures, and engaging family events. Thank you for all you do! -Purnell Family - Teresa P. on 07/07/2023

I love the community feel that the Hanover l staff create. They host multiple community events throughout the year. They encourage parent involvement. The staff make you feel as if you and your child are apart of their family - Aleecia Y. on 07/07/2023

Great program with structured learning and play, supported by an amazing administrative team. - Denvil R. on 07/07/2023

I really like the academic objectives, goals and feedback even for the younger kids. I also love all of the hands-on arts and craft that go along with those objectives. - Mary S. on 07/07/2023

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