Visit A Proven Educational Daycare Center Near Hicksville, NY

Schedule a trip to our educational daycare center near Hicksville, NY. Meet our staff, sit in our classrooms, and explore our playgrounds.

Our academy was set up in the belief that the days of a child ought to be fun-filled, informative, and safe. With nutritious, family-style meals and day-to-day educational activities, we create an environment kids love and parents trust to keep their children thriving and safe.

We understand the degree of trust that you put in your childcare provider. From safe entry systems to easy access webcams for parents, we create and nurture the kind of place where children are safe and parents enjoy peace of mind.

Our facility establishes the standards for trust, security, and training for life at the earliest stages of development. Just ask the parents of our Hicksville students, -- they're our #1 references!

What Kiddie Academy Parents are Saying

I love how caring and knowledgeable the staff is regarding my children. They know their names even if they are not their own student. - Kelly F. on 03/20/2018

The teachers who are always helpful and giving. - Sara P. on 03/13/2018

The hours and the teachers - Victoria G. on 02/20/2018

The staff - Sherley F. on 02/20/2018

Kiddie Academy is great. They keep in touch with me throughout the day with my daughter pics. I am so grateful. - Phillisa G. on 02/20/2018

I like the fact that you open early and stay late bring cobsiderste of those parents who work long hours and struggle to have a safe, secure environment to leave their child in. Kiddie Academy gives us that reassurance. I like that the children are always learning EVEN when their playing !!!! - Donna D. on 02/20/2018

We notice how our child is advancing throughout the past year. She comes home each dat, smarter and more curious about life. - Meredith A. on 02/20/2018

Excellent service and security, a place for children to thrive in academics as well as socialization. - Heather R. on 02/13/2018

Kiddy Academy has a nice and professional staff - Julio F. on 02/11/2018

The best practice - Prakash J. on 01/02/2018

Our Programs & Curriculum

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Join us on Saturday, March 24 at 10am for our STEM Adventures event!

We are inviting all children and parents to Kiddie Academy where we’ll explore the world of Science, Technology, Engineering and Math through age-appropriate and fun activities.

No skills required.

This event is FREE and open to everyone — bring a friend or two. 

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