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Schedule a trip to our educational daycare center near Hicksville, NY. Meet our staff, sit in our classrooms, and explore our playgrounds.

Our academy was set up in the belief that the days of a child ought to be fun-filled, informative, and safe. With nutritious, family-style meals and day-to-day educational activities, we create an environment kids love and parents trust to keep their children thriving and safe.

We understand the degree of trust that you put in your childcare provider. From safe entry systems to easy access webcams for parents, we create and nurture the kind of place where children are safe and parents enjoy peace of mind.

Our facility establishes the standards for trust, security, and training for life at the earliest stages of development. Just ask the parents of our Hicksville students, -- they're our #1 references!

What Kiddie Academy Parents are Saying

I love that you educate all the children starting frim an early age. this helps reinforce what we teach them at home. when I started to teach my son shapes, colors and how to count at 18 months and he learns the same in class it makes it easier for him to grasp the concept. - Bridget P. on 07/18/2018

Everything inside day care center is really motivating children - Prakash J. on 07/12/2018

the fact that it's not a room full of kids doing nothing, you're actually trying to teach the children - Tinvin S. on 06/18/2018

My child learns many things (from abc to 123 to songs and etc) everyday in fun ways provided by creative teachers and she has great time with her friends. - Steven C. on 06/04/2018

Great teachers. Helpful nice - Diana G. on 05/28/2018

The new owners! I live the smile on my daughter's face every time she is there. Great teachers. - Bonnie B. on 05/28/2018

I've been watching my child blossom in brilliance as she goes through the variety of learning experiences provided. She returns home each day with new stories to share with us. The educators are great with the children. I rather enjoy utilizing the app and receiving updates throughout the day. - Meredith A. on 05/28/2018

The teachers are great and really care for the children - Beverly A. on 05/28/2018

My daughter’s teachers. It’s great to see how much my daughter is learning and how much she loves going to school. - Alecia F. on 05/08/2018

Excellent services, very good teachers and aids. The kids learn every day. Excellent management from the owners. My daughter is very happy when she goes to the classroom and every day we receive the reports in may e-mail. - Julio F. on 05/07/2018

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