Visit Our Fun, Friendly Educational Daycare Center-Irvine, CA

Come spend some time at our educational daycare center in Irvine, CA. Explore our classrooms, visit our playgrounds, and meet our friendly staff.

Your child’s days should be full of enjoyment and learning. This belief is the crux of our Life Essentials® educational philosophy. Come see the grins on our children's faces whose days are filled with structured learning and fun. The words of their proud parents (our greatest references!) will surprise and inspire you.

Our academy's daycare students receive nutritious, family-style meals, liberty to play & explore, and daily organized learning experiences. Our protected entry systems and parent-viewable webcams keep children safe and secure, maintaining ideal surroundings that let your child socialize, grow and prosper.

Visit today to discover the joy on our students’ faces, and meet the proud parents of our Irvine-area students. Their words will inspire and even surprise you – which is why they’re our best references.

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