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Good child care services, camera availability, friendly staff, kid safety - day care calls and informs you if kid gets hurt, outdoor activities - Anisweta R. on 10/16/2020

Helping kids adjust to a schedule, nice playground and cameras are a big plus. - Nancy S. on 10/15/2020

Kiddie Academy of Kenmore has a fun, caring and supportive staff that help guide the children in the curriculum and everyday learning. My daughter is only 7 months but I know that she will grow and develop while she attends Kiddie Academy of Kenmore! - Caitlin C. on 10/13/2020

Friendly, caring staff, clean and enriching environment, great COVID guidelines, fun curriculum for the kids. - Liz P. on 10/12/2020

Everything we ever wanted for our son,he gets at Kiddie academy of Kenmore. From academics to interpersonal skills, every single aspect of early age education gets it's check at Lake more. We could not be happier ,to be honest , of having a child that every day learns a wide range of topics but also becomes a better person and a more confident child in the educational setting. The knterpeyeso - Natalia E. on 10/09/2020

Staff - Binal S. on 10/09/2020

This place is amazing. Your child gets all the learning with love and care here. - Krantee B. on 10/09/2020

Good teachers, lot of activities for children, keeping parents aware. - Tushar R. on 10/09/2020

Personal, professional, convenient. Kiddie Academy is truly part of the family! - Elena S. on 10/09/2020

The dedication from every teacher and close attention to each child. - Patricia Torres B. on 10/09/2020

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Corporate Social Responsibility

Kiddie Academy of South Reno Raises $2,200 for Northern Nevada Children’s Cancer Foundation

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Recognizing Working Parents

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Corporate Social Responsibility

Leading with Our Values

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