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The friendly staff, the transparency, and the structure of the day. - Heather F. on 10/16/2022

The structure and educational program are excellent... but we HEART our teachers big time! They are the most amazing extended family and we feel very blessed. Thank you for the love and education! - Jason R. on 10/14/2022

My son has flourished since being at Kiddie Academy. The staff is amazing and the curriculum is so worth it. I cannot recommend Kiddie Academy enough! - Krystal C. on 10/14/2022

The “love” and the care the kids get. Family environment - Nicole W. on 10/14/2022

Friendly staff! Lots of activities and hands on projects. - Jessica D. on 10/13/2022

There is a curriculum. I can see that my little guy is actually learning from it. I like the pictures of him. I actually like that there isn’t full time video. The pictures are just enough. I like that I get good vibes from the teachers. When little guy is sad and feels comfortable enough to go get hugs and snuggles from them…. It says a lot. I do believe being around so many other kiddos, in a learning environment, is a priceless benefit. The only thing I would say/ask is that if there is ever an issue, tantrums, bad behavior etc, is that we just get informed. Not because we’re strict or anything or want to be critical of the facility, it’s just so we can recognize if the same things are happening elsewhere. Just sort of a heads up. That is actually most likely happening, we have just not gotten any negative feedback (which again, may be 100% accurate). Just saying don’t be afraid to tell us how it really is. I was no saint! Thanks for all you do. - Nicole M. on 10/13/2022

Everything! I like the structure and daily schedule of each class. I like the feedback that you provide parents (good or bad). I like knowing that my children are learning something new every day. - Andrea A. on 10/13/2022

I love that I know everything my kids have done, eaten and played each day. Communication is of utmost importance for me and they are amazing at it. - Lynda K. on 10/13/2022

I love that my child absolutely loves school, his teachers and his friends. Since starting at the academy he has learned so much it’s unbelievable. I am so thankful for KA Kent Island! - Ashley T. on 10/13/2022

Routine based practices that’ encourage kids to learn while having fun! - Caitlyn S. on 10/13/2022

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Our Academy is conveniently located at 113 St. Claire Place in Stevensville.

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