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all Laundry Detergent

all Free & Clear for Sensitive Skin detergent is used for Academy laundry. 

It is hypoallergenic, 100% free of perfumes and dyes.  This detergent brand is the #1 recommended detergent brand by dermatologists, allergists and pediatricians for sensitive skin. 

It removes 99% of top every day and seasonal allergens.

Classroom Technology

Computer Screen Time

The Kiddie Academy® approach to technology includes using technology as a tool and as a means of communication. We know that technology cannot take the place of many of the educational basics for young children, but when teachers have technology available and they know how to use it, it creates opportunities for in-depth learning.

May 2024 Calendar

Planned calendar of activities for May 2024.

Sample Menu

This is a sample menu of the food we prepare

Summer 2024

CampVentures 2024 Preview

Where learning meets Summer Fun!

We are now enrolling for CampVentures, Summer 2024.

Zono Technologies

Zono Disinfecting and Sanitizing Cabinet

The ZONO™ Disinfecting and Sanitizing Cabinet… Because they’re sharing more than just blocks.
Whether they are in the nursery or in the classroom, children are sneezing on, chewing on, coughing on, and touching toys, learning tools, electronics, and surfaces. Even during nap time, children can be exposed to germs on the mats or crib mattresses. Once exposed, children and teachers can take those germs home.
Items used for play and education like books, puzzles, game pieces, exersaucers, mobiles and even crayons can harbor viruses and bacteria, and can be hard or almost impossible to disinfect and sanitize with wipes or liquid chemicals.
All of these items can be disinfected and sanitized in the ZONO™ while the teachers are teaching and caring for their students.

Learning for Every Age

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