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Staff - Michelle De L. on 05/03/2018

Activities are very hands on, even with the very youngest babies. - Teresa M. on 05/02/2018

Love the employees there - Christina M. on 05/01/2018

Very friendly staff that works well with the kids. It's a learning environment rather than just day care. I feel like my child benefits from being there. - Nicole Mc N. on 12/26/2014

Clean environment meals are made freshly with fresh ingredients everyday loving teachers with appropriate discipline - Jennifer C. on 12/24/2014

I like the educational aspect. My child comes home eager to share what he has learned in school. He loves the reading, singing, artwork and playing. My husband and I have to work long hours, and I feel safe leaving him there with the different teachers at the center. - Stacie P. on 12/19/2014

Teachers are very friendly and loving - Aleksandra A. on 12/18/2014

Everyone is very friendly and close to kids. I also like this facility cooks kids meal everyday from scratch. - Sewon R. on 12/18/2014

I feel that the teachers at Kiddie Academy truly care about the well being of my child. I also feel that they put every effort towards making each day an great experience for the kids. I would recommned Kiddie Academy to other parents. - Jaclyn G. on 12/18/2014

You are dedicated to improving and exceeding expectations with a friendly attitude. - Elizabeth J. on 10/09/2013

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