Its very welcoming - Farha A. on 12/28/2017

Kids learn a lot. Love all the art and craft projects they do. - Monika G. on 12/28/2017

The teachers in my son's class are awesome!the rest of the staff are very friendly as well and the new owners seem to really care about the school and want to make changes to Kiddie Academy for the better. Also communication and updates from the school has gotten a lot better and is really appreciated. - Kani S. on 12/27/2017

The staff is exceptional especially the ED, curriculum is outstanding, menu is healthy, daily reports, tuition is reasonable, awesome security sign in and live view anytime into my child's classroom. All excellent. - Jessica A. on 12/20/2017

Best toddler teacher - Gisella S. on 12/12/2017

As full-time working parents. we know we cannot adequately provide our daughter with the full dedication necessary for her rapid development. We have a short window of time between dinner and bedtime during the weekday evenings which presents hardly enough time to do much of anything but feed, do a bit of tummy time, babble, and read to her. Therefore, it is important that the daycare we select provide the necessary tools to help cultivate her conginitve and physical development. - Victoria T. on 11/07/2017

flexibility, teachers - Nina E. on 10/25/2017

I like the education the children receive, but most important the community of family and friends. - Margaret M. on 09/19/2017

I feel good knowing that my son getting the knowledge and social skills to prepare him for kindergarten. The teachers in his class make learning fun for him. - Kani S. on 09/12/2017

Awesome teachers and staff. Great curriculum and extras. - Brenna B. on 08/16/2017

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