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What is Life Essentials®?

Life Essentials is the philosophy that guides what we do at Kiddie Academy every day. It begins with the natural curiosity present in every child. By focusing on elements fundamental to a child’s growth – character education, STEM-infused technology and health and fitness experiences – we nurture and build upon inquisitiveness, creating momentum for learning that doesn’t stop once the child leaves our classroom.

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Pillar 1

Developmentally Appropriate Curriculum

Our standards-based curriculum is created by seasoned educators to suit each stage of child development. It consists of a comprehensive collection of activities designed to meet the needs of every child in our care.

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Why is this important?

  • Children develop at different rates, and it’s important to address their individual needs and strengths.
  • Our curriculum allows teachers to modify the methods they use to plan lessons, so a wide array of children can experience the joy of learning.
  • We make our curriculum flexible enough to integrate new preschool standards as they evolve.
  • Maintaining a focus of learning through play allows children to develop socially, cognitively, emotionally and physically.

“We try to do puzzles at home or other educational things, and I just feel like she has a head start by being at Kiddie Academy."

Ross M.

Parent, Kiddie Academy of Aliana

Our fields of learning:

  • Physical Development and Health
  • Social and Emotional Development
  • Language and Literacy
  • Mathematics
  • Science and Technology
  • Social Studies
  • Creative Arts
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Pillar 2

Technology Education

As the world becomes increasingly reliant on technology, computer literacy has become as essential as reading and writing. We use the latest technology to make learning engaging and fun, reinforcing lessons learned throughout the day.

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Why is this important?

  • The early introduction of technology tools makes it easier for children to use and talk about technology before they enter elementary school.
  • Our curriculum incorporates technology skills into everyday learning, making it an integral part of their day, not a compartmentalized segment of time.
  • When combined with educational basics, technology education creates more opportunities for deeper, more well-rounded learning.

“She loves the experiments. She said, ‘Daddy, we put Mentos in a soda bottle. We made a volcano. Can we do this at home?’ Then we'll go replicate it so she has more fun at home.”

Carlo M.

Parent, Kiddie Academy of West Cary

Pillar 3

Health & Fitness

We teach children to make healthy food, fitness and hygiene choices. Nutritious meals, large motor skill activities that promote cardiovascular health and outdoor playground time are part of each day at Kiddie Academy. Resources like our Parenting Essentials newsletter share and reinforce healthy lessons learned in the classroom with the family.

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Kids play soccer in a field

Why is this important?

  • Physical health and brain development are linked to heightened memory and more focused learning.
  • Children benefit when they're given the tools and guidance to make smart health and food choices from an early age.
  • Introducing healthy living habits early helps to combat childhood obesity.

“The education goes far beyond just looking at a board, pointing to objects and saying what they are. It's about getting through to each kid in a way that helps them respond.”

Erin M.

Parent, Kiddie Academy of Bolingbrook

Pillar 4

Character Essentials

It’s crucial for children to learn the values that will help them develop into well-rounded citizens. Character Essentials uses character education to derive learning from each interaction. From the playground to the classroom, we take every opportunity to teach your child important character-building cornerstones, including respect, sharing, manners, friendship and compassion.

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Kids play with a stack of dominos

Why is this important?

  • Character education helps children interact successfully with their classmates and teachers—leading to more effective learning and building a model for behavior in the community and into adulthood.
  • Children need guidance in recognizing and acting out their emotions.
  • Being responsible for our actions is a critical part of character education, so we make sure children take ownership of the decisions they make in the classroom.

“We talked about how important it is to vote. He said, ‘I would vote for Ms. Taegu,’. When he thought of a good person, he thought of his teacher.”


Parent, Kiddie Academy of West Cary

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Enthusiastically endorsed by families

Learning happens every day and in unexpected ways. Learn how our Life Essentials philosophy and curriculum empowers teachers to be creative and parents to be involved, fostering an environment that makes learning fun and impactful.

Educational Core Beliefs

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Learning through play

Children learn with their whole bodies, exploring their surroundings freely, communicating about what they’re learning and discovering how to relate to others.

Developmentally appropriate classrooms

Teachers build materials and experiences around individual learning rates and styles—nurturing each child’s growth and development.

Health Essentials

We will go above and beyond the standards required by law to ensure that our facilities and practices safeguard the health of our children and staff.

Positive guidance

Teachers encourage children to challenge themselves through supportive language.


Science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) skills are required to excel in our increasingly automated and globally interdependent world. That’s why we make STEM an essential part of our Life Essentials curriculum.

Center-based teaching

Each Kiddie Academy classroom features an array of age-appropriate learning centers or focal points to help children establish routine, encourage discovery and reinforce skills.

Standards-based curriculum

We meet or exceed all state infant, toddler and preschool standards when it comes to composing our developmental milestones.

Behavior management

Our behavior management policy emphasizes respect for self, others, the immediate environment and the community. This helps children feel more secure and confident in the world around them.

Music & More

Our Music & More program teaches fine motor developmental skills and nurtures creativity.

Safety and security

We put all of our attention and technology into ensuring the highest level of safety and security in every Kiddie Academy location.

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Welcome tips and insights to the family:

Parenting Essentials®

The learning doesn't stop for parents, either. That’s why we created an information resource with helpful tips on everything from enriching our STEM program at home to introducing lifelong healthy eating and fitness habits.