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We love the positive environment set by the classroom teachers and administrators. The staff work well together and make all students feel welcomed. The daily reports help us feel connected to our son's daily activities, even if we cannot be there. - Elizabeth G. on 05/20/2019

The emails and daily progress reports with pictures are great! The teachers are very friendly and the facility is clean. - Julie B. on 03/04/2019

I love that it is educational based program. Everyone is,friendly and professional. I love how they send email updates and pictures,of what they did in class. - Rebecca M. on 12/23/2018

My son has learned so much from the Firefly classroom. He now sings in Spanish and English and has learned 5 letters that he can recognize on his own! - Shannon B. on 10/23/2018

We absolutely love the exposure the kids get to the festivals and seasons because of the amazing events hosted at Kiddie Academy. We can see that our kid gets excited about such events and understands them more. We really appreciate the care the teachers show towards the kids which make them feel so comfortable and encourage their learning process. - Pulkit A. on 10/02/2018

I like that there’s a good portion of outdoor time, that the children typically do an art project a day, and that they participate in circle time. We also LOVE Ms. Veronica and her positive attitude. Even on those bad days, she finds something positive to say. She has such a loving and kind personality. With so many teachers coming and going, I’ve been able to see the stress it’s taking on our newer teacher. When asked how my child’s day went, I was told there were at least three teachers coming and going in her classroom that day. She said she couldn’t tell me how his day was because it as so chaotic. It’s unfortunate that she and the children aren’t having consistency with staff at this time; we are hoping this new teacher is a good fit and that she gets the support she needs. Wondering if there’s any way that Joy can get more help in the morning during drop off time? My son has a hard time leaving me at drop off due to the volume of children in the room. There are so many big kids at that time waiting for school drop off that it’s loud and intimidating. No fault to anyone, just wondering if the older kids can go into a different room? - Teresa B. on 10/02/2018

My son is in the Bumblebee classroom and the teachers have been such a great help with him. They are kind and take the time out of each day to make sure he is having a good day. I also appreciate all the potty training advice! - Shannon B. on 07/17/2018

Jasmine and Veronica are fantastic! They’ve recently started a comments/concerns bag so that parents and teachers can better communicate. Great idea! Also, they are both calm and collected, never screaming at the kids in a negative way. When my child needs a hug or help transitioning into the start of the day, both Jasmine and Veronica are ready to help. Also, whenever I pick up my child, both teachers give me an update about his day. Finally, Jasmine and Veronica have a lot of energy and personality. I’ve unfortunately literally seen teachers sitting on the job not really helping out in the classroom. Never have I seen that from Jasmine or Veronica. You can tell they’re always working hard and we truly appreciate them! - Teresa B. on 06/27/2018

My 4 year old speaks more Spanish than her Mexican father and grandfather. My toddler 23 month old loves helping tske care of the babies, and will miss the infant room once she is graduated to the Preschool program. My girls love their teachers. I appreciate how much time they take making sure the children’s environment is enriched, safe and clean. Well done Butterflies and Fireflies! - Vanessa A. on 06/14/2018

Stimulating environment. Webcam I can log into from work or my phone. Great customer service and care for kids. Regular cognitive activities and photos of their adventures. Hallway buggy rides! - Glory A. on 04/08/2018

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