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I like that everyone is friendly and my daughter is really learning and doing great educational wise. - William L. on 03/14/2023

Everything and everyone is so kind and professional. I feel confident leaving my baby there - Taquita J. on 03/14/2023

I really like the educational aspect of it. It's always been the main draw for me to choose this daycare. I love seeing my son learn his basics (ABC's, hygiene, days of the week, weather, writing/cutting, etc.). I also appreciate the "extras" in the classroom. He's exposed to different languages (sign language and Spanish). He also gets to build with different mediums (like magnet tiles and blocks), which he really enjoys, and gets to do art, which I really enjoy. I've appreciated seeing the kids pitch in to clean up their toys,etc. as that teaches personal accountability. I also love when they get story time. I also like the structure and routine. I think it helps the kids behave better because they have to focus at regular intervals, but it also helps me to know what he's doing at particular times of day. That way I can plan appointments and things. Personally, I love the little extras for the parents like picture day, hearing check, holiday parties, treats in the lobby, and invites into the classroom to celebrate with my son. - Caroline H. on 03/07/2023

I love the cameras. All teachers who supervise my childs classroom and extremely hands on and aware. My son loves going to school and that makes it so much easier for us, parents. - Emily W. on 03/07/2023

I love that each week my son comes home talking about the different things he is learning in class. He comes home with a new word in his vocabulary each week. I can tell they are actually going over the curriculum. - Aaliya J. on 03/07/2023

Wonderful staff - Kepha N. on 12/24/2022

Everything… don’t change anything - Chester D. on 12/13/2022

The loving teachers! - Cheryl C. on 12/06/2022

I love that the kids have regular opportunities for crafts and outside play. I Iove that there is age-appropriate music playing throughout the day. I’m glad there isn’t screen time happening but rather open play so they can choose what they do. I also think the amount of open play is appropriate so the kids still have structure. It’s great that they are learning important things like the alphabet. The little extra events, like Trunk or Treat & Friendsgiving, are always a really great time, too. - Caroline H. on 12/06/2022

No comments - Miki Pastor- L. on 12/06/2022

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On Longenbaugh Road, between Barker Cypress Road and Greenhouse Road.

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