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Everything! - Hailee H. on 03/28/2017

The curriculum. It truly feels like a place of learning and fun instead of just a "baby sitting" service. Communication has also gotten much better. - Kathryn K. on 03/28/2017

I love the educators, the facility and the curriculum. - Jessica S. on 03/28/2017

It's not just child care. My toddler is creating art projects while learning about shapes and colors, there is a curriculum for development and his progress is being tracked. The daily reports reinforce what his teachers tell is about his development. It's not daycare, but school for my toddler and he loves attending. - Maria P. on 03/28/2017

They are very consistent on their work they do. - Marissa M. on 02/13/2017

The teachers are amazing and actually take time to learn about each child. - Tiffany S. on 01/24/2017

The family feel and love that can be felt around the school - Jennifer W. on 01/19/2017

The loving teachers make the difference! I like that that they care enough to earn additional accreditations like NAEYC and APPLE, but the heart that they bring to work each and every day propel my kids to want to be at Kiddie Academy! They are sad when Camp is over and have to come back to our "boring" home!:) - Ted C. on 01/03/2017

Love the place - Elizabeth B. on 01/03/2017

The play-based curriculum - Catherine S. on 01/03/2017

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Between Lake Emma and Rangeline on Longwood Hills Road. Near the new Publix!

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