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It’s nothing to explain when it’s the best - Antwan M. on 03/16/2024

We love everything about Kidde Academy. Caring/attentive teachers & staff, very clean facility, excellent programming, amazing outdoor amenities for the kids. We love it! - Maggie S. on 03/15/2024

The curriculum, the extensive different materials used in the classroom, playground, soccer field, tricycles, nice teachers, clean facility, attention to a problem - Gina S. on 03/15/2024

I like the cameras in the classrooms. The feedback from the teachers. The friendliness of all the staff. The level of care and attention my child receives. - Renee C. on 03/15/2024

I love the curriculum for my child. I love that there is structure and free time. - Molly K. on 03/15/2024

The facility is new and clean. The teachers seem very kind and engaged. My kids always seem happy about what they did at school. - Caitlin R. on 03/15/2024

I love my teacher. I will be sad when my child has to move to another classroom. I hope the standard of hiring remains as it is important to trust in the people you are leaving your children with. - Pamela V. on 03/15/2024

My child has positively devolved drastically since starting Kiddie Academy. I love walking in and watching how much he is loved by the staff and teachers when I’m not there. It really puts my mind at ease. - Cree B. on 01/09/2024

We LOVE kiddie Academy. Everyone is very kind and welcoming. I love my child has consistency. I really love they work with him on potty training and provide education. I also love the cameras and being able to check in on him whenever I miss him or want to see what he's up too - Carrie R. on 01/09/2024

Everyone is extremely caring and go out of their way to foster an environment of safety and comfort for our little guy. Its wonderful. The only (extremely) minor issue is he keeps coming home with the wrong diapers on. We will continue to communicate through this (not a big deal in grand scheme of things). Couldn't recommend Kiddie Academy more! - Nick J. on 01/02/2024

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