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That my son is able to explore and makes the curriculum tailor to his needs. - Christine R. on 10/13/2012

The curriculum is fabulous! The teachers and staff are EXTREMELY friendly, nurturing and loving! I can't say enough good things about KA in Middletown. We have have recommended KA to friends, who are now also going there! :) - Susan J. on 10/12/2012

All the staff are friendly and know both of my kids names. It is a warm friendly and caring environment. My children are excited about learning. Most importantly my children are happy! - Tiffany E. on 10/11/2012

I have been very impressed with the Pre-K curriculum and teacher, Ms. Kate. I also feel that Ms. Ciera in the Toddler Room has done a wonderful job helping my daughter transition into daycare after being home with me. - Nicole S. on 10/11/2012

It is very structured and my children have learned so much!!! - Ashley K. on 10/11/2012

Kiddie Academy of Middletown is more like a second mom to my son instead of just a "day care". They have gone above and beyond for me in the past and I'm confident they would do so again at any time if needed. The facility's layout is warm and welcoming. The half walls, in my opinion, give a sense of community and family. They have been there for my son in times of need. The lines of communication are wide open. The staff are competent, responsible and interact with all the children. I believe the entire staff sees each child as an individual instead of viewing their classroom as a "bunch of kids". This is not a facility that just "watches" your child. Kiddie Academy of Middletown and their staff have become a large part of my child's life as well as my own. Every time I drop my son off, I feel confident that I am leaving him in the best hands possible. Each day I go to work, I feel confident in their abilities to care for my son. That fact alone gives me peace of mind throughout my work day. - Amy C. on 10/11/2012

It is a caring environment that nurtures and teaches. The staff is also competent and caring. I always feel that my children are safe in kiddie academy's care. They also maintain open communication with the parents so we are always aware of everything going on. - Kia G. on 10/11/2012

I feel Kiddie Academy provides amazing opportunities at each developmental level to stretch what a child can learn. The environment is structured while also nurturing the children as they develop at different rates throughout the year. Our 4 1/2 year old has been attending Kiddie Academy since her first birthday and my husband and I have seen tremendous growth at an inspiring rate with what she comprehends. The part that I personally think works well, in addition to having such a caring staff who clearly enjoy their job, is how the lessons are tied into a theme or concept each week which helps the children apply practical knowledge to what they are learning. Our 4 1/2 year old daughter is already learning the fundamentals of reading and she's only in pre-K! We couldn't be more proud and Kiddie Academy helped make that happen. - Cristin K. on 10/11/2012

Everyone knows my daughter by her name. - Kathy R. on 10/11/2012

The teachers and staff are wonderful. Very friendly & hold themselves to very high standards. My son has learned so many thing while being there- ranging from sign language to counting to 10 to singing his ABC's. - Stephanie G. on 10/11/2012

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Our Academy is located on Boyds Corner Road next to Bayberry and near Cedar Lane Elementry

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