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Great teachers - Walter J. on 11/20/2022

The teachers are kind and helpful. The children get to learn and play at the same time. The atmosphere is inviting and children are always laughing. - Heather K. on 11/14/2022

1. Organized, clean facilities 2. Great staff and communication 3. Tadpoles app/email updates and in-facility cameras 4. Health and safety policies - Chinmay S. on 11/14/2022

We really like the teachers, they are very compassionate and considerate. I really like how my child's teacher shares the highlights of the day when we go to pick our child up. Also, absolutely love the option to see our child anytime during the day through the camera Kiddie has. It really helps in assuring (and taking a sneak peek) that our child is enjoying the day. Love having the tadpole app to catch up with the activities and meals the child has had. We are really going to miss Kiddie as we are going on an extended vacation and won't be able to reserve our spot without paying the full fee, which we can't afford. Would love to come back if we get lucky enough to secure a spot in the near future. - Yesubabu S. on 11/14/2022

Hi, It is hard to give some professional advice on this question, but after my kid Nicole Lin join this school, she can speak more English, more open to people and more self confident! She started to enjoy school time and feels happy here, I think you guys have done a great job for child educational care, very appreciate! Best regards Cheng Lin - Cheng L. on 11/14/2022

My daughter look forward everyday to go to school. The course curriculum and the care given by teachers and staff to children is outstanding. - Richa V. on 11/14/2022

The care given to our children, teachers are. Very friendly ,nice and patience - Aruna B. on 11/13/2022

Everything! The routine, the food, my daughter can’t stop talking about school and pretends to be teacher at home and we’re always playing school. - Tiffany Lee J. on 11/13/2022

Teachers camera - Jennifer (Ping) L. on 11/13/2022

Oliver loves his school and the teachers of each classroom he stays or visits. I personally don’t like his teacher, Ms Myranda. I am sure she a good teacher academically, but I don’t feel her passion about being a teacher. When Oliver was in 108, Ms Joyti and Ms Heather always came to the door said good morning to both Oliver and I in the morning. At pick up, they came to me and told me how Oliver was doing that day, but Ms Myranda rarely does. She would say Hi in a quiet voice when drop off but nothing at pick up. She still gets confused whose mom I am. Even the teachers in 109 know better. She would tell me how Oliver did during a short visit. Since Oliver is going to stay in preK for another year, I would greatly appreciate if Oliver could be switched to room 109. - Kimika W. on 11/13/2022

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