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I love how my little one learns all these new things at daycare. I’m constantly amazed. As I look through the curriculum and the pictures from that day, I know her actions stem from what she learned that day at school. That j you for being awesome! - Emily A. on 09/12/2023

My child has shown so much growth due to the educational program that makes it exciting for the children while attending. I really enjoy tadpools service that allows the parents to see what all was taught throughout the day. Lastly, the meals that are provided, one last worry for working parents. - Annette N. on 01/29/2023

They pay attention to the individual needs of the children. They value and listen to the kids. They’re great. Priced well too. - Elizabeth R. on 01/28/2023

They are very caring for our children. I feel safe when my child is there - Nadia B. on 01/27/2023

Owner is there everyday, fingerprint security - Molly H. on 01/27/2023

Very good child care . Staff seems to change a lot but seems to always hire good people . I would recommend this place - Rashad W. on 01/27/2023

Such amazing staff ,the love that they show our babies was everything for me , my daughter has learned how to socialize and is on a routine ready to start school ! Also the cameras in every angle is my favorite ! Love kiddie academy ! - Lucero B. on 08/06/2022

Love ❤️ - Ashelylove R. on 08/06/2022

The entire staff is friendly, helpful, and absolutely shows love to each child - Martin R. on 08/06/2022

This is less about academics - since my daughters have not attended during an academic year, only during summer time and various school year breaks - than it is about the general environment, the owner (Ian) who is a remarkable person, and the excitement my daughters demonstrate when they know they will be attending Kiddie Academy. I love the daily reports, complete with photos, reporting on their activities and meals served/eaten and that KA aims (not 100%successfully) to take the children on field trips. - Jonas M. on 07/31/2022

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Our Academy is conveniently located behind Walmart, not far from the intersection of 1092 and Highway 6, at 3811 Raoul Wallenberg Lane.

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Corporate Social Responsibility

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