The Best Early Learning Center In Morgan Hill, CA

Come see our early learning center in Morgan Hill, CA. Visit our classrooms, play on our playgrounds and meet our certified staff.

Kiddie Academy delivers world class childcare focused on filling your child's days with productive play. Our Life Essentials® philosophy was created to give children the fun and learning they require to grow up into astonishing young adults.

Parents concur - our system offers the right day-to-day activities that prepare kids for success in school and in life. From hot, family-style meals to hands-on educational activities, we offer the framework for your son or daughter to make friends, socialize and discover their love of learning.

Within our facility, we recognize the very best environment for learning is one that is as comfortable and safe as your home. Our facility uses protected entry systems to maintain your child's safety all the time. Plus, our parent webcams let you check in on your child at anytime, anyplace.

Our proud Morgan Hill parents will tell you our school sets the standard for trust, security and fun-filled learning. We encourage you to visit and see why kids and parents alike are raving about our school.

What Kiddie Academy Parents are Saying

We've recently seen a lot of amazing staff move onto other ventures but the remaining still make an amazing team and both my kids love it there. - Amanda H. on 09/28/2017

My son and I are very happy with the services provided and the educational learning environment. - Stephanie D. on 09/14/2017

I like the variety of lessons my daughter is taught. She's really improved her vocabulary since coming here - Megan M. on 09/08/2017

I love that my daughter is thriving. She's coming home attempting to count in Spanish and does a pretty good job. She knows words to about 2-3 songs as well. It's only been 2 months since she's been there and she's only 2 - Stephanie P. on 08/29/2017

Kiddie Academy is a wonderful center and there are so many praises I could give this place. My youngest has attended for two years and we've been treated like family since day one. It's clean, organized, and they have regular functions that encourage families to interact with each other as well as the staff. I… - Monique N. on 08/19/2017

I love the fact that the teacher are all very hands on and caring to each child. Children love being at a place that they feel cared for, and this exactly what kiddie has provided to both my children. - Maria F. on 07/20/2017

The staff is amazing and they truly care for the kids. I feel safe knowing that my children are in good hands. - Amanda H. on 07/04/2017

L - Juel M. on 05/22/2017

The directors and teachers are very knowledgeable in knowing how to get the children involved and bring out their personality! They always provide fun activity with an educational purpose and my kids come home with new things they learned. - Alicia R. on 05/17/2017

Rowan has completely blossomed since attending Kiddie Academy. His speach as dramatically improved and he comes home telling me all the fun things he did and learned in school. His eating habits have completely changed and he is no longer as picky as he once was. I would recommend kiddie academy to everyone. - Jody Van De B. on 05/04/2017

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