Our commitment to the care, education and safety of your children is reflected in our team. We hire teachers and assistants who are well versed in the best practices of early childhood education. Each member of our team nurtures each child in their care in a safe, supportive learning environment. Team members receive ongoing training to continue their education and are evaluated throughout the year. Our team excels at stimulating children to learn and preparing them for future education. Our team is devoted to making each day fun and educational. Their dedication makes all the difference for your children.

Sunny and Saj Rizvi

Academy Owners

Being able to work with children is one of the greatest blessings in our lives. We embarked on the mission to provide families with the perfect solution to their childcare and educational needs. Our goal at Kiddie Academy is to spark your child’s interest in education early on, so that it can continue to burn brighter and brighter as they grow.

Having four young children of our own, we always look at our program, curriculum and facility from the eyes of a parent. We aspire to make it so that every family graduates from our program with their expectations surpassed. Our teachers are the main pillars of our Academy and they do an excellent job fostering a love and appreciation of learning in each and every child. The most rewarding moments at Kiddie Academy are when we get stopped by a parent to thank us for the profound difference we have made in their child’s life. Or better yet when a child stops us to say ‘Ms Sunny, Ms Sunny do you know that Pluto is not a planet anymore!' We would love to create such moments with your family and look forward to meeting you.

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