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All the staff are happy to be there! Our child is very happy there and loves all his teachers. We are amazed with everything our child has learned and knows. The activities/crafts on a daily basis are fun and creative. - Dee C. on 09/07/2014

How friendly a majority of the teachers are and that they get to really know your child even in a larger class size. I love the smart boards in the classrooms and really feel that my child will be prepared for Kindergarten from what they are learning from Kiddie Academy. - Samantha H. on 09/05/2014

Its a great place to send our kid. We know you try hard to make a difference - Teza M. on 09/04/2014

I like that the curriculum is all educational based and I also like that all the outside careers and learning examples used like having the fire department come and police, zoo and different activities that are incorporated. - Stephanie N. on 08/29/2014

Feels like family I can tell he is learning manners along with his educational needs being met. - Anne J. on 08/29/2014

I like the daily and quarterly feedback of what my child is learning as well as how she has progressed in certain areas as well as where she is still improving. I feel that the staff takes a personal interest in each and every child which gives me comfort as a parent to know she is being taken care of. - Shannon B. on 08/29/2014

Leah, the owner, is always there, always polite and responsive to child's and parents needs! Every once in awhile you see a teacher or assistant that appears like their becoming numb to their job or to the kids, but for the most part, they are great and I've never had to worry. I know my kid is in a safe environment! there are a few teachers/assistants you can tell they really enjoy their job and are always doing projects and thinking up new ideas even on their own spare time! - David G. on 08/29/2014

I like the cameras, the fact the teachers and directors know our son and the outside activities that take place. - Ellen M. on 08/29/2014

I love the the people that work there! You guys rock -- I can tell every day that you enjoying being with my children. They are happy and learn so much! Thank you for all you do every day! - Anne P. on 08/29/2014

We really appreciate that the teachers have taken the time to get to know our daughter and us parents, too. They do a great job of letting us know how her day was and if she had any difficulties. We also like being able to read the posted lesson plans and food schedule so we have something to talk about on the car ride home. The best part is when our daughter learns new songs in class and then teaches them to us! - Stephanie G. on 08/29/2014

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