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They always try to help you and accommodate you and your child’s needs. - Yesenia H. on 08/29/2020

I currently like Ms. Abby and her demeanor and interactions. I like that they are open and receptive to ideas and discussions. I like that my son has peers within his age group. I like that they have age- appropriate activities for the kids to play with. I like the flexibility and the availability of the days/ hours I can send my son. In the past; I liked the following: (Obviously barring COVID-19) classes with mixed age children in which the older kids were taught to appropriately interact with younger kids. That was a great foundation for sibling relationships, multi-families living together/ and future school dynamics. Especially for early years- 1st and down to 3s— it is a substantially better long-term model than separating kids solely by age. - Ashley H. on 08/29/2020

I love how creative and friendly the teachers and staff are - Marrah G. on 08/29/2020

That every teacher truly cares about our children and do everything to accommodate our requests. I also enjoy the tadpoles app that they encorporate which allows me to see pictures that they post of our kids throughout the day and see a log of everything that our children did. - Justin M. on 08/29/2020

The attention and learning activities for there age group thay they receive. - Jeanette R. on 08/29/2020

Love it for the family feel and safety that my kids get to experience every day - Aerial E. on 08/29/2020

Teachers who genuinely care about the wellness and progress of each student. - Raquel P. on 02/05/2020

The staff has been wonderful. Abby, Amanda and all of the teachers and faculty members are a pleasure to work with. It's obvious that they care about the experience of both the students and the parents/guardians. My wife and I have been pleased with the staff in that regard. Having said that, there are some concerns regarding the frequency in which our children ended up being sick as a result of their attendance. We understand the nature of schools or daycare and being around other children. We're also understanding that children are more susceptible in getting illnesses as they build up their immune system but the amount of doctor visits since their enrollment in September has been high. Our son, alone, has had to deal with Hand, Foot, Mouth on several occasions so it calls into question what the business owners are doing to ensure a safe and healthy environment. To be clear, I'm challenging the owners of the business to provide some resolve as I'm confident that Abby and Amanda have been instrumental in their efforts in cultivating the friendly and professional experience. Thank your time and I hope to see the changes soon. - Elaina Y. on 01/29/2020

The hours are very convenient. The price is very affordable. And even though my son says he doesn’t like to go, he seems well cared for while he is there. I have referred Kiddie Academy to 2 co-workers. - Ashley H. on 01/29/2020

The daily updates and interactions emailed throughout the day are excellent. - Daniel F. on 01/28/2020

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