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I really love my son's toddler room. The art and crafts activities and going outside several times a day are the best. I love when I happen to see my son outside playing on the playground when I check the cameras - there's nothing better than the kids getting outside and getting their exercise and playing in the sun. I also love my son's main teachers - they have made my experience with the toddler room very positive. I especially adore his lead teacher Ms Prahba - she has the most amazing energy which is perfect for this age group. She is very patient with them, provides positive discipline and redirection, and very quick to prevent any injuries from happening. She is also very loving and 'motherly' to them, she always greets my son with a huge hug each morning. The teachers can really make or break a positive experience at a daycare but these teachers have gone above and beyond. - Rachel G. on 05/31/2019

Teachers are very caring and helping. I have seen so much of improvement in my daughter’s behavior and in her speaking skills in such a short period of time. I am really happy with the progress of my daughter. Thank you all for your help - Amit R. on 05/22/2019

We now have two boys who attend Kiddie Academy, and we are thankful every day for the guidance, love, and care they receive! Our oldest has learned so much academically, but even more importantly, the school provides so many play opportunities that he is growing socially all the time! Recently, we’ve been hearing about how much fun it is to eat outside. He loves how his new class lets him do such special things like that! During parent teacher conference is, his previous teacher even provided us with detailed suggestions for how to help us help him grow! It’s clear that these teachers want the best for our children! Our youngest has been there for over a month now, and I feel like the school helped the transition to be so smooth for all of us. This infant class has helped him gain physical strength as well as make developmental progress. And when the older brother had a birthday, the younger brother’s classroom helped make a sweet card from him for his brother! What a thoughtful way to let the older brother know he is so loved! These teachers in this infant class has helped him gain physical strength as well as meet developmental milestones. And when the older brother had a birthday, the younger brother’s classroom helped make a sweet card from him for his brother! What a thoughtful way to let the older brother know he is so loved! These teachers—all of them—are helping us provide such an important foundation for our children, and we are always so grateful for it! - Bonnie S. on 05/16/2019

We love the curriculum and the teachers. - Kristin K. on 05/15/2019

It’s been a year my son started over at KAO...I can see a drastic growth that what he learned from KAO...It’s been a month he transitioned to Ms.Emily’s & Ms.Reagan‘s class, one of the best teachers and he love them both and also the previous room teachers Ms.Kristian & Ms.Tori. He always ‘Wows’ me when he explains what he did at school and how much he learned...He himself says that he is a ‘smarty pants’ and I want to say thank you to the teachers who is making him ‘Smarty Pants’.Love KAO Teachers, Supervisors, Director and Owners.As a team they always “ Rock”.... - Prabha K. on 05/15/2019

My daughter is constantly learning and excited about different daily activities at Kiddie Academy! - Simone S. on 05/15/2019

We made the transition to full time care this past month and it could not have been easier! All of the staff show they really care for Greyson. My MIL and I talk about child care often as family go elsewhere for their kids, and I have to say our choice in Kiddie Academy is the best. - DeAnna T. on 05/15/2019

We recently started sending our younger child to KAO and are very happy with their infant program. We can see that they continue to improve their curriculum, incorporating activities that involve all of the babies' senses. I love that the teachers are always caring, both about the child and their families. They are consistent in listening to your concerns and making sure they keep an eye on them. I understand as the kids grow older, giving individual attention becomes challenging on teachers' part (but that's when kids start to learn independence), but with infants, we really want a lot of attention to each child - and the teachers in infant rooms at KAO do just that. We appreciate their effort and do hope they keep it up! - Yoko C. on 05/14/2019

Have been happy with what Jack receives there. The teachers really seem to care. I have one minor suggestion. The colored squares on the floor just inside the entry to the building are a tripping hazard and probably should be removed. - Michael K. on 05/14/2019

Laura and Shannon are so great with Lochlainn. He is always happy to go to see them while we’re away at work. Kristian and Tori are so great with Delaney. She tells me at least once a week how much she loves her new class. All of the floating teachers are very kind and good with all the age groups they help with. And the front office staff are always happy to help answer questions. We really found a great home with Kiddie Academy! - Jamie H. on 05/14/2019

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