Testimonials from Kiddie Academy of O’Fallon

“The variety of skilled teachers and topics.”

Rebecca M.


“My son loves it there and has learned so much since starting. He has so many friends there in class. I get to see his day through the daily photos they send. ”

Kara S.


“The staff is excellent! School is clean. Our family feels like a part of theirs. ”

Molly S.


“I absolutely love and look forward to the photos and videos that my wife and I get throughout the day. We get to see that our child is not just being entertained, but that her teachers are educating her. I also love the playful nature of her teachers and the curriculum they implement. For example, doing a science experiment with a 6-month-old knowing they have no idea of what is going on is adorable and hilarious at the same time. Our daughter has only been there for about four months, but we have absolutely loved the experience. ”

Travis E.


“Ms. Kristina is fantastic! She is so creative and imaginative. The activities and lessons our son does each day are wonderful. He is learning so much. We are very lucky to have Ms. Kristina as our son’s teacher.”

Marcie H.


“My girls are learning so much.”

Shawana B.


“My 5 year old son and 1 year old daughter have been absolutely thriving since starting at Kiddie Academy O’Fallon in August. I cannot say enough amazing things about the staff at KAO; it has been so refreshing to have my children in a school that I trust is truly keeping their best academic and social/emotional interests at the forefront of their education. I wish I could name every teacher and staff member to give a shout-out, but it’s literally every single one of them. We just love Kiddie Academy!”

Kayla R.


“Thank you for taking care of my daughter. I love that her teachers and fellow students are very diverse, so she is learning about diversity every day in the classroom. One teacher excels in multiple languages and one has experience with her own child so they each being different dynamics to the room. My daughter is quickly growing into a well-rounded, polite, and intelligent young girl.”

Jody M.


“My kids are learning and developing every day.”

Kendra H.


“We could not be more thankful for Kiddie Academy and all it provides for our whole family. They have been a shining beacon of comfort, consistency, and confidence during the pandemic. We have two boys, 5 and 2, and they have been loved, cared for, and attended each day they are at school. Their teachers work on curriculum that strengthens their needs and gives them opportunities for success, whether through reading or songs. The directors always maintain positive, open, honest, and compassionate communication to the parents, even when the directors change hands. Recently, one of the academy directors left, and the handoff has been smooth from our perspective. The energy, professionalism, and care remains even though the person has changed. And despite all the changes that Covid has brought with it, Kiddie Academy continues to put safety and children first, from practicing good hygiene to standing up for principle when making decisions about the classes, teachers, and children. We could not be more thrilled with how our sons are thriving-- as they have always thrived-- at Kiddie Academy this year. ”

Bonnie S.


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