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Throught the recent pandemic they have not only provided lessons, ideas and virtual learning to keep our daughter learning and entertained while at home they have also gone above and beyond to check in and make sure our daughter knew that she was loved and missed. She has enjoyed getting letters in the mail, videos and emails from her teachers telling her that how special she is to them. Kiddie Academy has taken extraordinary measures to make sure that they can continue safely serve their families, we are so thankful for them!! - Laura H. on 05/29/2020

Our family loves KAO! They have done an excellent job with new policies/procedures in regards to the covid pandemic. Such a clean and safe place for our kids. We are greatful to all the staff and you are all so much appreciated! - Jenna F. on 05/19/2020

The kids learn so much. Cooking, science, shapes, colors, matching, letters, etc. - Shawana B. on 05/16/2020

Thank you KAO for all the adjustments in protocols to screen and protect our children from COVID-19. Thank you most of all for standing with essential employees to care and protect our little ones while we keep working to serve our community. Our child has continued to grow in her numbers, manners, vocabulary, physical abilities, social interactions, and art skills thanks to your efforts. We appreciate you all! - Beth L. on 05/16/2020

Kiddie Academy is excellent at providing age appropriate learning activities. They always keep the kids engaged as well as provide a caring atmosphere. - Courtney A. on 05/11/2020

Kellan loves her teachers and gets a big smile on her face when we tell her it is time to go see them. - Jody M. on 05/04/2020

Everyone at the daycare are very friendly with the kids and the parents. We as a parents are amazed to see the care, love and affection towards our kids and also taking care of every kid to actively participate in the daily activities. I personally want to thank everyone for their services like clarifying my doubts, giving their suggestions whenever I call or meet them, Keep up the good work, Thankyou. - Neelima A. on 04/24/2020

Everything! Educators, education and play activities, dedication of all staff, how the pandemic situation has been handled, etc. - Emily C. on 04/20/2020

I have been so impressed by the ability of the Academy to quickly adapt to the changing CDC recommendations throughout the Covid-19 pandemic. They have gone above and beyond to ensure the safety and health of the kids still attending and the inclusion of those kids that cannot attend. I find it simply amazing that the staff and administration have been able to make our lives (as parents) a little easier through this uncertainty. - Jamie H. on 04/17/2020

The learning environment - Theron J. on 04/17/2020

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We are located just off I-64 and Winghaven Blvd. in the Lakeside Shoppes.

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