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Jack always seem happy there. Teachers are friendly and seems they enjoy the lids - Michael K. on 10/03/2019

Everything! My son has learned so much here. The teachers are great. - Andrea T. on 10/01/2019

I love the sensory activites. Tasting and talking about the different type of apples was clever. Aylen loves singing buenes Diaz at home which I learned from watching the video of the class singing and can sing with her. Love the new menu. - Ali B. on 10/01/2019

They have a very solid foundation education plan - Kyle W. on 09/25/2019

Loving, caring teachers. - Shawana B. on 09/24/2019

wonderful teachers and staffs - Mutia S. on 09/24/2019

We love Kiddie Academy! They take great care of our daughter. She comes home learning new skills and words daily. They have daily lessons planned and help each child reach their goals. They have camera access and an app to keep up to date on what your little one is doing at any time. - Beth L. on 09/24/2019

Our daughter learns so much and has a ton of fun doing it! Teacher go above and beyond everyday. - Laura H. on 09/24/2019

We love our son’s teachers. They are so loving and helpful. Everyday he learns something new thru well thought-out and creative lessons. We are so lucky to be part of Kiddie Academy! - Marcie H. on 09/24/2019

I love everything about Kiddie Academy! So glad we chose to enroll our son here two years ago. Between the amazing, efficient and extremely helpful administrative staff and the amazing teachers, we couldn’t be more pleased! You know it’s a good school whenever your son has to move into another class (due to age) and you are conflicted with emotion because you’re sad to see him leave his current teachers but also so excited for him to get to be with his new teacher as well! Every day I feel like my son comes home knowing something different, even if it’s just a funky dance move, he’s always developing, improving and learning new things daily. He loves going to KAO and we are always at ease leaving him there. Ms. Brea is amazing with our son, he’s so excited to see her in the morning and it makes drop off a little less painful for this clingy momma. Every time I check in on “watch me grow” she’s engaged with the students and doing something educational! We are so lucky to have her, along with everyone else at KAO in our lives! - Elizabeth S. on 09/10/2019

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We are located just off I-64 and Winghaven Blvd. in the Lakeside Shoppes.

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