March 10, 2022


APPLE (Accredited Professional Preschool Learning Environment) Accreditation is a national early learning program accreditation that recognizes early learning centers for operating high quality programs. Research shows a direct link between a high quality early learning experience and a child’s future success. APPLE sets the standards that accelerate an early learning center’s drive to achieve that level of care and education outcomes. When you are exploring options for early childhood education programs for your child, school accreditations are important factors to consider.
At Kiddie Academy of Oviedo, we’re pleased to have passed the stringent requirements necessary to receive an APPLE accreditation from the Florida Association for Child Care Management, demonstrating our commitment to early education excellence in Oviedo. APPLE stands for Accredited Professional Preschool Learning Environment. There are strict program requirements for APPLE accreditation, including being a licensed child care facility in good standing with a compliant licensing history and inspections by the Department of Health or Department of Children and Families.
All employees must undergo a background screening test, and the center must maintain a substantial number of books of appropriate quality. To keep the APPLE accreditation, schools must be recertified periodically and are subject to random audits to ensure that are consistently compliant with the program guidelines.

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