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The teachers and staff are very nurturing and knowledgeable. My child loves going there every day and I see her growth on a daily basis. - Jill O. on 07/15/2020

We think your team does a fantastic job with all of our children. They literally line up at the door in the morning and love seeing the staff and their friends every day. - Scott H. on 07/15/2020

Caring teachers, responsive staff, safe and enriching environement. - Spencer Z. on 07/15/2020

I like the mix of academic and play learning the kids do each day. I love the themes for each week. - Laurie O. on 07/15/2020

Great staff and very flexible/accommodating. - Eric M. on 07/15/2020

My son loves it. The teachers are wonderful l, the staff is friendly. Everyone communicates very well. - Danielle B. on 06/17/2020

The tadpoles app offers many updates and a way to see what our son is up to throughout the day. The teachers and staff are great and are always willing to answer questions. - Elizabeth R. on 04/07/2020

Everyone who works at Kiddie Academy is so kind and treats our daughter like she is their own. I can tell that she is very well loved and taken care of each day. We don't feel like we are just another family/kid at Kiddie, but rather feel like we are part of a family all working toward the same goal of caring for these kids like they are all our own. Every day we walk in the door, other teachers and staff members (who are not my daughter's main teachers) share a smile and address my daughter by her name. We feel very welcomed! Nice work Kiddie - James C. on 04/07/2020

The family environment created among all employees - Eduardo G. on 04/06/2020

Every time I am in KA it’s apparent the teachers and staff know all the kids and their love for them is genuine. One thing that I think could be better or evaluated is their flexibility in emergency situations. My family encountered a situation where we needed compassion, understanding and quick flexibility around who could pick up and take our children home as our emergency contacts who were in fact the ones experiencing the emergency we were dealing with and unable to make pick up. This particular situation and how the office handled it at the onset could have been better. My hope is that in the future KA can implement rules or guidelines for staff so if another situation like ours comes up, parents are met with compassion/understanding from the get go vs. inflexible roadblock causing more stress and turmoil during a tragic time. - Kyle M. on 04/06/2020

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