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The entire staff at Kiddie Academy does a fantastic job of really getting to know every child and making sure each child is comfortable throughout the day. They do a great job of communicating updates and helping parents feel confident that their children are being cared for properly. - Noviskis B. on 11/02/2023

Great communication, my 2.5yo speech-delayed son learned his ABCs and can count to 15 just within the first 5 months of attending. The teachers and staff are amazing and truly love what they do! - Katy S. on 08/30/2023

Caring staff, fun daily activities, wide range of foods served for breakfast, lunch & snack. - Kaylee Buss N. on 08/30/2023

We've been very happy with Kiddie Academy! So glad to have our kids there. - Kaitlin B. on 08/30/2023

Very warm welcome to my daugther and my family as we entered the daycare system - Simona P. on 08/30/2023

Create an environment for all children to explore, grow, and excel. Every touch point of KA is professional. - Christa C. on 05/15/2023

Overall, I think the staff does a nice job at organizing and creating a fun environment for the children. I do wish they would rotate some menu items from the 3 days items to the Tuesday and Thursday. I see a lot of same things week to week while the 3 day menus look a bit more exciting sometimes. A hard boiled egg and toast doesn’t seem that exciting especially without some yogurt or berries on the side which I feel like he gets every week for the Tuesday Thursday menus. And seems starving when he gets home. I know there isn’t much discipline allowed in classrooms but I do think it needs to be implemented a bit more with explaining why not to do something. Habits are forming and are often displayed more at the home. Otherwise, he does seem to have a really great time in school. - Ashley H. on 05/13/2023

the teachers are all so great with our kids. - Laura P. on 05/08/2023

I feel like the teachers really love & care for the kids - Cassandra L. on 05/08/2023

As Good as elementary school but for early dev. - Nick T. on 03/07/2023

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