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Note only a few weeks into the experience, but... You are as flexible as you can for busy parents, example flexible drop off times ... I don't want to apologize for having a lot on my plate in life, and sometimes struggling to dropoff/pickup him within a 15min window (prev pre-school) The pictures and milestone correlations make me feel like Aidan has thought "constantly" being put into his activities ... That foster his creativity and growth Seeing him happy throughout the day in the pics and videos makes me happy that even though I am busy at work most days, that my child is getting the attention and the love that he deserves throughout the day (it takes a village) - Jay S. on 11/20/2021

The teachers and staff at Kiddie Academy are all so warm and very hard working. They take great care of the kids and really prep them for elementary school! - Shane M. on 11/20/2021

Teachers seem to care and have an interest in my child’s development - Joseph F. on 11/20/2021

We have recommended many families to the Kiddie Academy. Our daughter learns so much at the Academy and Sarah and Jenny do a great job running the operation. - Peter P. on 11/20/2021

Everything- the teachers, the curriculum, the safety, and the community- everything is so well-run, and we absolutely love the staff! - Jessica D. on 08/13/2021

Sign language starting early and the daily pictures and videos - Amanda M. on 08/12/2021

Everything is great! - Malvina Q. on 08/12/2021

My kid is happy when he gets there and happy when he leaves and it’s clear he is learning — not just at “daycare”. Everyone knows who we are and it feels very personalized but professionally run. - Colleen D. on 08/05/2021

We love you guys and so is Ari which is the most important thing . You undivided attention when a showing . - Doron C. on 08/05/2021

Teachers are caring and supportive Curriculum is excellent Administration is easy to work with and accommodating and responsive - Christine H. on 08/05/2021

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