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Daughter seems to like it, eats better/seem to offer a good variety of food to try , takes good naps - Elizabeth M. on 07/27/2016

The communication is good. Also the kids have a good balance of activities. The safety is good. - John O. on 07/13/2016

Open communication between the staff and parents. Classroom is very clean, and I like that the crib sheets are changed and the toys are cleaned daily. I like being able to check on my son through the cameras. The staff is usually consistent from day to day (same people taking care of the children). - Wendy C. on 06/29/2016

Small class sizes and continuous activities for the kids and their families - Autumn M. on 06/14/2016

Great staff, very clean and appealing facilities, and my daughter loves it! - Celina R. on 06/09/2016

The teachers genuinely care about the children. Management is extremely nice, understanding, and also takes interest in the children. Everyone seems to have an open door policy when it comes to communication which helps put me at ease. I feel like I can address anything with them regarding my child or even seek their opinions when it comes to my child. - Amanda S. on 05/26/2016

Management does a great job of providing activities and ensuring the children are safe - Laura Y. on 05/26/2016

JoAnn is wonderful, knows everyone, and is very responsive to any issues. The teachers also care very much about my child and she is thriving and loves school. - Jennifer F. on 05/22/2016

My children very like it. She's happy. I'm happy too. - Xue L. on 03/14/2016

Friendly staff, great teachers, lots of fun activities, my child is well taken care of, etc - Celina R. on 03/07/2016

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