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They treat the children with love and help them with their education - Juan L. on 01/29/2020

They’ve become family for us. Sure, some teachers change, but the core group has been there for a long time now which says a lot. This is our last year so we will miss all the staff after this year. - John L. on 01/07/2020

I love everything about it! - Osmara A. on 01/07/2020

Great product and learning - Erika M. on 11/27/2019

Teachers that care, that let the children be kids and move around while still maintaining order - not overally structured. Providing reasonable expectations for the child's developmental stage - Meredith W. on 11/20/2019

Cleanliness of the school and fun activities that are planned. - Susana C. on 09/24/2019

I love their people and the school overall - Johanna S. on 08/15/2019

The school's teachers and staff are very involved in the education of the children and they genuinely care. The owner and director are both active and present at the school, which I love. - Chandalyn W. on 06/21/2019

My child seems happy! - Adine B. on 06/12/2019

I like everything about Kidde Academy! - Joey B. on 06/11/2019

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