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Everything you do is well over standards! Thank you for such superb staff too... - Charlene M. on 06/20/2016

Structure and friendly staff - Michelle K. on 06/20/2016

Our daughter is developing well. We feel happy with the progress she is making. - Leo A. on 06/10/2016

Very attentive. I like that teachers in other classrooms know my kids by name. It's very evident my kids are learning and are happy and safe in their surroundings. The facility is always very clean and orderly. While I don't use the service as often as I did at first, I absolutely love being able to look in on my kids remotely via the cameras at anytime. I am very happy with Kiddie Academy overall. - Brandon C. on 06/10/2016

Most of the teachers seem to really enjoy being around the children. - Christin D. on 06/06/2016

Caring and attentive staff - Desiree R. on 05/28/2016

My fiance and I really enjoy the way that the teachers interact with our son. We love that they're attentive and pay attention to little details of our little guy that even we may have failed to miss. Alex and Tania noticed that our son was having problems every time he had corn. We had him tested for an allergy which came up inconclusive but was told that it's very likely he just an intolerance for it and got a note to remove it from his diet from a medical standpoint. Since doing so, he has been doing much better. We're also constantly amazed at how well his vocabulary is improving. He was a slow talker despite the fact that she and I would have conversations with him on a daily basis since he was born. Personal touches like this make us very happy to have him at Kiddie Academy - Tyler I. on 05/23/2016

The curriculum even for the littlest ones & the schedule to help the kids have the best day. - Jessica G. on 05/21/2016

i like. My hat they study a letter a day, read books, sing songs, and learn through imaginary play. - Meredith D. on 05/21/2016

All the teachers are certified and really friendly and are good at communicating with the parents and letting them know how their child did everyday. I also like being able to check in on my child by looking at the cameras and seeing how they are doing. The directors are also very friendly and make sure to update the parents with any changes. - Dana B. on 05/20/2016

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