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We have been at Kiddie Academy since 2019. The teachers there are amazing. They have taught our child to walk, numbers, shapes, colors, emotions, etc. They are always planning fun events in the classrooms around various holidays and as rewards for the class. The directors are engaged with the teachers, students, and parents alike. They always appreciate feedback and look for new and exciting ways to keep people involved. I would highly recommend to my friends and family and would suggest getting involved in the parent meetings as well so you can remain up to date on things going on at the school and give even more feedback to the directors directly in the meetings. - Leslie M. on 04/04/2023

The teachers are dedicated and engaged, great learning program, snacks/lunch included is a huge plus. - Caroline H. on 03/09/2023

Both of my kids are advanced. Intelligence is one thing. Education is another . My 22 mo daughter can count to 12 . She learned that at KAP. My son who is in first grade breezes through his homework with no fights or meltdowns, and he easily understands all of the math and reading concepts. I know this is directly related to attending KAP for kindergarten. - Jordan S. on 03/09/2023

I like that they really care and do good job with the kids. - Utumalana Tina S. on 03/02/2023

We love all the teachers and love the close knit feeling we get every day. We feel that our children are learning and know they enjoy going to school every day. Thank you - Jennifer C. on 03/01/2023

The staff are amazing! Teachers really care and you can tell they are invested in helping the children grow and learn. The admin are super helpful and doing a wonderful job of communicating important information. It is the BEST experience we've had in the area for our child. My child is happy to see the teachers every morning and to me that speaks volumes. - Molly C. on 03/01/2023

I love how my son is learning (sign language, reading, how to problem solve, color, have a routine, how to be a friend, and much much more way more than if he stayed at home with me and I have documentation of what he learns and to make sure he is on track and to also have carry over at home. My son loves his teachers and you can see and feel the enjoyment that his teachers have it’s an amazing feeling as a parent. I don’t have to stress about leaving him while I go to work. Thank you Miss Ashley, Miss Beth, Miss Kaitlyn, Miss Jackie, and Miss Ashley and everyone for helping we appreciate it more than you know! - Caitlyn F. on 03/01/2023

The teachers are amazing and truly care about your children. They provide a safe, structured environment for your children to grow and develop. Kiddie teaches the skills for your children to feel confident in themselves. They learn about open communication, their emotions, and how to socialize and interact with their peers. - Caroline G. on 03/01/2023

High level of interaction between teachers and children. Good balance between education and fun. Positive environment. - David L. on 07/23/2022

The teachers love your kids as their own. They respect the parents schedules and child’s needs. They always put the students first. They are well trained, educated and loving humans that understand the big emotions your child may have as they develop. They teach good strategies for development at each stage, and assist in the growth of their students. They offer social enrichment through peer activities and exposure to things we would never be able to provide at home. - Caroline G. on 07/17/2022

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We are located at 6190 Kellers Church Road, Plumsteadville, PA 18949 across the street from Worth and Company and less than a half of a mile from Route 611.

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