November 11, 2020

Kiddie Academy of Port St. Lucie Brings Home Resiliency Award

Local business leader, Angie Monreal, of Kiddie Academy of Port St. Lucie recently received the Resiliency Award at Kiddie Academy’s Annual Conference, held virtually last month, where hundreds of franchisees from over 250+ Academies nationwide were considered for the award, which reflects efforts and contributions made in 2019.

For an Academy to be recognized for this award they must have achieved greater than 35% increase in utilization for a Mature Academy year over year and become profitable. At the beginning of the year, the Academy must be below break-even performance. Also, the Academy’s franchisee must be the same franchisee at the beginning of the recognition year compared to the end of the recognition year. Finally, the franchisee’s active involvement in day-to-day operations and presence at the Academy is attributable to increase in utilization.

According to the CEO of Kiddie Academy, Greg Helwig, Angie Monreal has overcome tremendous adversity in her time as a Kiddie Academy franchisee. With her two Academies 90 minutes apart, Angie divested in her original Academy in Miami Lakes in May of 2019 and began focusing her efforts on turning around her Port St. Lucie Academy. By focusing her efforts on re-engaging with families, staff and the local community, she created a spark, leading her from 50% utilization to 90% by the end of the year and in February 2020, the Academy reached 100.2%.

“All Kiddie Academy franchisees share a passion for our industry, our brand, and the people who drive the company’s success every day. With so many dedicated professionals working to provide best-in-class early educational child care in an environment that fosters learning and development, as well as the highest safety standards, the ‘best of the best’ are truly doing an exceptional job,” states Helwig. “Angie Monreal embodies the highest standards of professionalism and caring, and we are proud to recognize their contributions not only to Kiddie Academy, but also to so many Port St. Lucie families.”

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