Everything. Very competent staff. Maintains an impressive focus on education and curriculum while managing to keep children engaged and having fun. Fantastic environment both in terms of atmosphere and cleanliness. Thank you sincerely for all that you do both for my son and the other children. (Shout out to Mrs. Bonnie, one of the best preschool teachers I’ve ever seen, and I’ve raised 4 children) also, kudos to management on achieving such excellence. - Nikolos K. on 06/13/2018

Everyone is so sweet and so kind, they all know Grier by name and can share details about his personality, and the classes are always having adventures and all-around fun. We couldn't be happier. - Paul H. on 06/13/2018

The structure of the curriculum, the wonderful staff. - Michelle M. on 06/11/2018

Nice feeling right when you walk in the door. Very clean and safe for my child. I love that I’m informed about everything and I can check in with the cameras if I miss my baby. - Anna marie K. on 06/04/2018

Love the rich content and constantly changing themes. Love the character development and good citizen to the planet and to each other that is woven through the curriculum - LaRae M. on 05/24/2018

The teachers are fantastic!!! - Shy B. on 05/09/2018

Organized learning outcomes Learning outcomes related activities daily Pictures sent through email to show parents what the children have done that day - Hoyoun (Rachel) C. on 05/07/2018

I like the care you give like a family - Promish S. on 05/02/2018

We love the staff and teachers. They show care and genuine affection for all the children in their classes. It is hard enough to leave them everyday, but knowing they are safe and in good care makes it easier. There is great and quick communication from the administrative offices and they are always ready with a quick answer. I also love the Watch Me Grow feature - it is great to see them interacting with other children and to see what areas of the classroom they prefer to play in. Makes it easier to try and replicate that type of play at home. We feel really safe knowing that everyone has to login before they can enter the building and that all play areas are safely gated in. - Alexis F. on 05/02/2018

Staff and daily reporting; ability to log in during school day - Charles O. on 05/02/2018

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