Foods and facilities - Saeha L. on 09/23/2018

Educational programming, consistent communication with parents, great menu, cameras in classrooms - Sarah R. on 09/18/2018

Teachers and curriculum - Geraldine T. on 09/15/2018

Love everything about this place! - Anna marie K. on 09/08/2018

Everything. The lessons are on a level that all kids learn something and my son comes home every day with something new - Amanda B. on 08/07/2018

My son recently got a new teacher and she is such an improvement it’s amazing! Ms. Shawna is fantastic! His previous teachers were mediocre and that is so clear now seeing the difference between them and Ms. Shawna! You can tell she truly cares about each child and is invested in their development. I don’t have enough words to explain how great she is! - Amy D. on 08/07/2018

Very personable, clean, structured learning system, staff very knowledgable about socializing especially when child needs to move up to older age group. - Ji L. on 06/26/2018

Everything. Very competent staff. Maintains an impressive focus on education and curriculum while managing to keep children engaged and having fun. Fantastic environment both in terms of atmosphere and cleanliness. Thank you sincerely for all that you do both for my son and the other children. (Shout out to Mrs. Bonnie, one of the best preschool teachers I’ve ever seen, and I’ve raised 4 children) also, kudos to management on achieving such excellence. - Nikolos K. on 06/13/2018

Everyone is so sweet and so kind, they all know Grier by name and can share details about his personality, and the classes are always having adventures and all-around fun. We couldn't be happier. - Paul H. on 06/13/2018

The structure of the curriculum, the wonderful staff. - Michelle M. on 06/11/2018

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