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Kiddie academy has been a game changer for my Kids. We have been doing private small daycares, and they never napped, didn’t have social skills and were never on a routine. Since switching to Kiddie academy, the amazing staff at kiddie academy accepted the kids like their own. My kids speak so well now, and to top it off, are now completely outgoing. This is an amazing facility. I would recommend and do to all my friends and family! - Rachel R. on 09/02/2022

Flexibility, focus on play - Lindsey M. on 08/28/2022

What I like about Kiddie Academy is watching my granddaughter blossom. - Yolanda A. on 08/27/2022

Friendly staff - Jeff T. on 08/27/2022

Everything is awesome. Would appreciate kids (2 to 3) having more arts and crafts time. Perhaps the camera video quality over the app could improve. A more responsive fingerprint scanner. Love you guys xoxo - Christopher J. on 08/27/2022

Good communication, excellent activities every day! - Brianna C. on 08/27/2022

I love Kidde Acdemy Reston - Maseha F. on 08/27/2022

Service, family-like feel and cameras to watch our little ones when we miss them! - Erika Y. on 07/30/2022

The communication between teachers and parents as well as how dedicated teachers are to the kids ! - Maria G. on 07/30/2022

The atmosphere and making sure we are kept up to date with all the activities. Friendly staff, wonderful activities and routines daily for the kids! - Rachel R. on 05/09/2022

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