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I've been rough on the new management this year. After many conversations with them, I am now convinced that it's time to change my views. I've seen repeated evidence that management at all levels takes parental feedback with tact and responds with actions to better the school for the kids. I've seen improvements to the kids activities, surroundings, food and general happiness. I've also been particularly glad to hear about the efforts by management to encourage their staff to advocate for the kids to the management and provide constructive feedback to management. This is key to me. The teacher's ability to speak up for my children means the world to me. I am extremely thankful for the huge effort and changes that I've seen over the year. My original plan, when my daughter was born, was to have her at KA until her older brother went to kindergarten, at which time I'd move her to a daycare closer to our home. I'm now not so sure that would be the best course of action, because of the changes I've seen at KA. Now, as long as I see that the teachers are happy and feel comfortable speaking up to management, I think this might be the best place for my daughter to stay until she goes to kindergarten. - Taylor D. on 11/21/2019

The teachers and staff are very friendly and nice. - Shawna C. on 10/24/2019

Children's safety, health and happiness - Van N. on 10/03/2019

Very friendly - Shawna C. on 09/14/2019

I love the caring teachers and how everyone knows each other. Both my son and daughter have attended KA and have loved every minute of it! - Victoria H. on 08/31/2019

Evvy learns so much and many people comment o how smart she is. Thank you Kiddie Academy for providing her room to grow and learn. - Diane W. on 07/30/2019

Proximity to home and elementary school. Quality of Lunches Communications/Notifications between KA and parent - Ryan S. on 07/24/2019

The variety of activities my child is involved in on a daily basis is amazing. Constantly updating ways of teaching and items in rooms to keep up-to-date with new educational information. - Katherine M. on 07/23/2019

Very organized great with kids - Heather C. on 07/23/2019

Convenient proximity to our home and local elementary schools. - Ryan S. on 06/22/2019

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