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My son Frankie has been going to Kiddie Academy since April of 2018. He loves Kiddie Academy. During the school year they help the children finish their homework and then the kids have time to learn and play. Frankie went from being a super shy child to a talkative little boy. I cannot say enough good things about Kiddie Academy. - Barbara R. on 11/18/2019

Great teachers, they are very responsible and experienced! I don’t get time to teach my kids, anything or all they learn is from Kiddie Academy and I am so happy with the progress. - Swetha G. on 11/12/2019

The staff, activities, and menu for the kids are great! I am glad I don't have to provide food every day for my daughter. I also love the wide parking spaces in the parking lot. I love how the staff are very respectful of our wishes about our children and are partners with us taking care of them. - Aileesha Karen B. on 11/12/2019

I could not say enough positive things about Kiddie Academy and their staff. I am confident each day that my daughter is in the best hands. The staff cares for each of their children's needs and are always in contact with the families. Being able to watch her on the cameras allows me to see how her day is going and all of the fun things that she gets to do. In addition to the cameras the staff takes the time to send pictures and videos each day to show what is going on in the rooms. The activities that they do with the children, at all ages, are creative and engaging. I love seeing all the fun she has each day! - Brittany C. on 11/04/2019

The staff is phenomenal. - Cheroc S. on 11/03/2019

Most of the teachers are very nice and show they really care about the children, the hours are accommodating to a busy schedule, and I love being able to check in on the cameras whenever I’d like to see the kids. - Laura G. on 10/14/2019

Warm and loving environment. Staff are very happy and treat children with respect. Age appropriate education to help get ready for school! - Meghan G. on 10/08/2019

We are thoroughly pleased with our son's time with Kiddie Academy in South Fayette and the terrific teachers and staff that take care of him during the morning and afternoon. It gives us such peace of mind that he is cared for in such a terrific way. - Christian P. on 09/06/2019

Both of our children attend Kiddie Academy and we couldn’t be happier! Our daughter is only 2.5 and is recognizing letters, counting and using manipulatives to tell us how many of something she has, and the singing/reciting of songs is unbelievable. There always seems to be a theme each week that allows connections to be made across all areas of learning. Our 4 month old has been attending for about a month and he has already gotten on a better schedule since starting at Kiddie Academy. We can’t thank everyone there enough for how happy both of our kids seem to be, and how happy my husband and I are that we found such a caring and great place for our children to be when we can’t. - Danielle R. on 08/25/2019

1.) Attentive directors who communicate effectively and in a timely manner with parents 2.) Flexible staff who understand the realistic needs of families with working parents 3.) Teachers who take the time to understand children and their differences 4.) Child focused activities that garner learning, discovery, and independence - Leah B. on 08/19/2019

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