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The care provided.. - Sheena D. on 12/30/2020

Everything - Zoe B. on 12/29/2020

I've never seen a more team-oriented group of educators and professionals. Teachers, administrators, and staff are always all-in and actively finding ways to contribute to the school. I love seeing Miss Elizabeth push the infants in the buggy through the halls, and the way the academy owner knows the names of her students and recognizes their parents (even with masks!) is impressive. Miss Hajira takes pride in her academy and has recruited an incredible team. - Lauren K. on 12/29/2020

You are very loving and flexible. My schedule is at times varying and you are so helpful. Also the transporting to and from school is a deal breaker.. Love y'all! - Laura O. on 12/29/2020

The teachers and administrators!!!!!!! The kids and friends and all of the activities !!! The feedback and video!!!!!! Pictures during the day! She loves Kiddie academy !! - Cara B. on 12/29/2020

I love all the stuff you do with the infants. How they discover , the crafts, sign language, music and dancing, and the email at the end of the day with pictures and notes of what our baby did all day. - Savanna M. on 12/29/2020

We love how much our kids learn every day! They both look forward to going every morning, where everyone knows them by name! - Kelly D. on 12/29/2020

I love the environment and the staff. I feel safe and secure knowing my son is there and in a place where he his openly welcomed. The teachers are great and help him with his learning skills and social skills. Thank you to everyone who works there. - Amanda R. on 12/29/2020

Everything! This daycare has reminded me that daycares are good, and educational and everyone I have met, including the owner is wonderful! They take great care of the children! - Kristina S. on 12/29/2020

They speak with me about my son’s development and monitor his advancement. They teachers let me know his new skills so we can continue to work at home as well. - Carly L. on 07/27/2020

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