The structure and the curriculum. We love how every week is themed something different and our son can learn all aspects of life. I love that he comes home with some new knowledge after every week and he only goes 2 days a week ! - Diana H. on 03/15/2018

I truly have enjoyed the educational experience at Kiddie - my oldest daughter went through the pre-k and has excelled! Teachers are amazing - all the staff super friendly! Excited for my youngest daughter to grow in their care! - Patricia O. on 03/06/2018

We love how involved the staff is with our daughter. they truly care about the kids. Particularly our child had issues with confidence and writing and her teacher worked within the class room setting in order for her to gain more confidence. The hours that the school is open is very accommodating and they are very flexible for a parent work schedule that is always changing. My daughter was never sick all the time as a infant or toddler while at Kiddie Academy. i always heard horror storied from other friends about that at other schools. The staff is like a second family to my daughter and she is very comfortable there. she loves Miss Marinett and always gives her hugs on her way out, like a grandmother. I like that the school is teaching our children about basic american history and holidays, the pledge of allegiance and always singing silly songs that are teaching her things, ie... months of the year, number counting. They have great field trips that are fun even for the parents to go on and I know that she is ALWAYS safe with Kiddie Academy staff. - Lindsey B. on 03/06/2018

Dependable, friendly and caring staff. I never have to worry about my daughter while she’s there. - Jeanne C. on 03/04/2018

Kiddos love it there - love the activities and made good friends! Staff is attentive and genuinely caring and will listen to the parents and their wishes and concerns and will do what can be done to help out if possible. - Erin C. on 03/01/2018

I love the tadpoles reports, receiving pictures, the activities that include the parents, and the very caring staff. I don't just feel like my child is being babysat at a daycare all day. I feel she is with staff who really enjoy children and care about them. We are able to follow what she is being taught, with the monthly lesson plans and tadpoles report. I am always comfortable knowing that my daughter is going to be happy, safe, and learning while I'm at work. She absolutely loves it there and is learning so much! Mrs. Ashley, Mrs. Marie, Mrs. Donna, Miss. Melissa, and Miss Mallory are all awesome, and so patient with the toddlers. - Nikia C. on 02/22/2018

You spend the time to expose children to education at an earlier age. - Jenna W. on 02/21/2018

Dedicated teachers and it is like a second home to my kids. They have been attending for years. I simply could not have done it without KAD's caring support. - Lakshmi R. on 02/21/2018

The program is great and I feel my son is well prepared to go to Kindergarten. I will say the new director has made a huge difference at the school. The staff has been more stable, there has been more activities to teach beyond the ABCs (for example Chinese New Year) and the school has more energy. - Danielle M. on 02/21/2018

Everything is very professional! The children are happy and well cared for. They definitely learn as if it was a school environment - Joel C. on 02/21/2018

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