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Good staffing means safety and consistency. The provision of cooked food and a clean facility are what I like the most of Kiddie Academy’s services. I wouldn’t pay or stay at Kiddie if the staff wasn’t as good as they are. The staff in the Hungry Caterpillars room are exceptional including Ms. Kiki when she subs. Zion is happy to stay in the morning with Ms. Shea and happy at pick up with Ms. Taylor and Ms. Dolly. The ladies I mentioned are the dream team. They genuinely care for Zion and smile even on their hardest day. Not all the staff match their caliber (referring to subs). I go to work in peace knowing that Ms. Sandra is always aware of the happenings in the facility. She is exceptional as well. Ms. Z and Ms. Kayla are professional, warm and kind. Good staffing is truly what parents are paying for. Good care and cleanliness is very important to me. - Jeizza A. on 01/06/2024

The Academy is a very warm and friendly environment. I am well informed on how my child is doing at all times. We work together to ensure my child is reaching his developmental milestones and discuss areas of improvement with a plan. It is great to be apart of the family at Kiddie Academy of Springfield. - Jessica W. on 01/06/2024

Communication is great! The reminders are so helpful! and the staff is amazing! - Shameeka W. on 01/02/2024

Great staff makes all the difference, children are very engaged and are always learning. Thank you! - Alicia C. on 12/30/2023

I LOCE THE FACT THAT MY GRANDDAUGHTER goes there. And she looks it also - Joan W. on 12/30/2023

The due diligence of the teachers. They’re always so caring and do several different projects with the kids. Always focused on the children and I never see them use phones or distracted. - Arun B. on 12/30/2023

I love the diversity in students and staff - Zahirah S. on 12/30/2023

teachers are caring - Anusha B. on 12/30/2023

Simply The Best. - Harshpreet K. on 12/30/2023

The centre is very dynamic with lots of activities for kids. The teachers are experienced. Safety protocols followed. The director Sandra truly knows how to run it and is amazing. Ms Larry , Catherine, Deshea are great! Food options for vegetarians are wonderful - Sneha A. on 12/30/2023

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Our Academy is conveniently located right off Route 22 East, behind Sky Zone.

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