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My Grandchildren enjoy attending and they are learning so much. The teachers are doing a very good job. The manager Anna treats everyone as family. She deserves a very large raise. She is very dedicated. The place runs very smoothly with her at the helm. - Elaine B. on 09/10/2019

I really enjoy how kiddie academy provides my young children with a fun and safe place to learn and grow. I love the openness of the classroom and how inviting it is to parents. This is most definitely the best childcare on Staten Island and probably the best in New York. Thank you to all the teachers and staff. Kiddie academy is the best. - Venette D. on 08/24/2019

I love the environment I love the wonderful and helpful staff and I love how my children come home every day singing new songs asking important question about nature and most importantly they come home safe . Kiddie academy is amazing ? - Ashley C. on 07/28/2019

If I had to describe Kiddie academy one one word. It would be “Marvelous “ to be completely honest I was very skeptical about sending my one year old son who can’t speak yet to daycare but after going and seeing the kiddie academy and the activity’s they do with the children I felt so much better. The teachers are wonderful and keep in contact with you through out the day about your children. - Michelle P. on 07/09/2019

How interactive everyone is with the children - Carmen B. on 07/03/2019

I have sent all of my Grandkids to Kiddie Academy. I have been a part of this family for 9 years and still going. I can go to work and know the babies are in good hands. They all have learned and are still learning, letters, numbers, colors, etc., You can just stop in whenever you want to observe the kids. Ms. Anna is so professional. She loves the kids like they are her own. - Elaine B. on 05/29/2019

Very great environment very friendly clean and my children learned to open up and meet new people as well as songs art and nature - Ashley C. on 04/19/2019

The friendly family atmosphere. The safe and nurturing environment. The education and various special events and experiences my children have gained and been introduced to over the last 3 years. - Julie G. on 03/12/2019

Caring people, set schedule during the day, take hone daily info for children. - Angela G. on 03/03/2019

The Owner Robin Verdino and Pat are very dedicated to their company. The safety and well being is there highest priority for the children. The Day Care is always clean and pleasant. The Staff are very attentive to the children they care for. I have been involved with the Staten Island center on South Avenue with all my Grandkids for 9 years now. I would not go to another Center. - Elaine B. on 03/01/2019

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