the teachers and curriculum. I especially like having access to watch in real time how my child is doing - Ayanna Yancey C. on 05/05/2017

We just love Kiddie Academy! The teachers and everyone who works there are great! The atmosphere is awesome! - Jordan B. on 05/05/2017

Most of the teachers are so caring and dedicated to all children. They love and support each child. The curriculum is well-developed and implemented at each level and the facilities are optimal to give children time in their classroom, the gym, and outside. - Betsey C. on 05/05/2017

The staff really seem to care about my child. They always seem happy to see her in the morning. They do a good job of keeping the kids safe and engaged. I like the variety of activities they do with my child as well as the consistent routine that allows her to have fun but also eat and rest on a regular schedule. I also love the daily updates and webcam option so that I can stay in touch with what my child is doing each day. - Colleen M. on 05/02/2017

I love knowing that my daughter is learning and will be prepared for kindergarten. I love hearing her sing the alphabet at only 2 years old, and learning shapes and colors. I love seeing her learn how to treat others, sit quietly at circle time, and respect adults. - Rachel S. on 04/29/2017

Great teachers and curriculum. - Sara B. on 04/29/2017

Everything and everyone is great. My children loves going there to spend their day and the stuff they've learn is amazing Things I don't think I knew at their age. - Sabrina I. on 04/29/2017

Great education and teachers. Feels like an extension of family rather than a center. - Danielle S. on 04/29/2017

I like that my son feels comfortable with everyone there. They take such great care of him and are understanding of his quirks. I would never bring him any where else. - Theresa W. on 04/28/2017

My child likes the school and is learning tons. Great staff and curriculum. - Sylvia G. on 04/28/2017

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