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There has been a lot of shifting of teachers. There was a time where we did not know who my child’s teacher was. Overall, we like the atmosphere and lunches. The teachers are friendly. My child learns a lot as is very social. - Kate P. on 11/16/2022

I like that my child is receiving an education while I am working, but the education is hands-on and play-based, as it should be for her age. - Megan L. on 11/15/2022

Feni is an amazing director. The teachers are very attentive to detail. They have a great group of teachers that are an amazing at what they do. The children are busy from the time they come in until pick up. I couldn’t be more proud of the choice I made to have my children attend Kiddie Academy. - Michael K. on 11/15/2022

The staff is very friendly and caring. I love the daily reports and updates. - Jamie S. on 11/09/2022

We are thrilled with Katie and Sophia. Due to staff turnover, I do not know enough of the teachers for the younger classrooms to recommend specifically, but we also love Karen! - Christina M. on 11/09/2022

We absolutely love Ms.Jen & Ms.Karen in the infant room! I am so happy that my son loves them and they treat him as their own which is always reassuring as a parent! Thank you for always taking such great care of our son! Zakari is always so happy to go to Ms. Jen in the morning! - Mallory C. on 11/09/2022

We love the help Kiddie Academy provides before and after school. For parents who have work or personal obligations, they are the best option. - Brittany V. on 11/09/2022

I appreciate that the teachers and staff readily communicate information to the parents about everything, which is encouraging given that my son only attends 3 days a week. In fact, the staff contacts us right away whenever there is an issue with him, such as he fell and bumped his head or they were concerned about a rash he was developing. I feel confident and comfortable sending my child in with people who take the time and energy to look after and care for him and his classmates every day. - Carol A. on 11/09/2022

The teachers are amazing & very patient! I love how they individualize care plans for each student. They’re amazing! - Alexis F. on 11/09/2022

We have loved our experience. The staff are so caring and welcoming and I know they are taking great care of my son! - Jacqueline Del D. on 05/25/2022

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