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The teachers are so caring & sweet! Owner and management are very attentive, reassuring and accommodating! - Mallory C. on 12/01/2023

The staff are kind and accommodating. The owner and management really care about the children. - Amanda Z. on 11/29/2023

Both of our children have gone to school here since they were babies and we have loved all of the care that they have received. Magnolia has had the opportunity to develop both socially and intellectually through her time at school and we feel very comfortable with her readiness to take on Kindergarten next year. Magnolia still talks about several of her teachers from when she was in the younger rooms (shout outs to Miss Katie, Miss Karen, Miss Diane, & Miss Kelsi) and has grown to love going to school to see her friends & learn something new every day. Palmer... well she's a 2nd kid so we have our questions about her most days :-) She is still working through the transition to her newest room but she has actively sought out Miss Carli nearly every morning at drop off and been sad when we go to a different room which shows how much she loved being in that room even though it was for a very short amount of time. Palmer also loved her time w/ Miss Karen, Miss Kelsi, & Miss Jackie as well so we know she will love her new room (and her new friends) in time. Appreciate all that you do for us and our families! -Andrew - Andrew H. on 11/29/2023

Kiddie Academy has been wonderful for our son. The teachers and office staff are warm, friendly, and professional. Our child is excited to go to school each day, and I take comfort knowing he is in excellent hands with the staff at Kiddie Academy. Our family has belonged to the school for over 4 years now, and the recent renovations and upgrades have added so much value over the course of our time here. It’s evident that the ownership and staff truly care for the children. The have created an environment that fosters learning, growth, and kindness. We’re grateful to be a part of it. - Kelly C. on 11/27/2023

Everyone at Kiddie Academy is very friendly, I notice how my daughter gets excited when she knows she is going to school, I’m not too sure of the educational background but they email pictures and they are always doing some type of hands on activity. - Jasmine H. on 11/27/2023

The personal touch from the owners, directors and teachers! - Nishita A. on 11/27/2023

Everything! - Lovell N. on 11/23/2023

Very happy with my child’s experience at at Kiddie Academy. He really seems to enjoy going to school everyday. Teachers are very attentive to kids needs and making sure they are progressing well. Would recommend to everyone. - Nishit S. on 11/23/2023

The teachers and staff are very caring and attentive to my childs needs. I receive communication throughout the day showing what my child has done and as a hover mom that eases my mind. They prepared my child for kindergarten and he stands out amongst his peers. - Carla M. on 11/23/2023

I love that my child learns in a happy helpful environment. - Shauna U. on 11/21/2023

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