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We love the teachers both of our children have - they are caring and both girls love seeing them everyday which makes us feel good to have them there. Our older one learns so much and is always talking about what she did in class. Our younger one seems to have fun playing and brings home cute artwork for us. We also like the friendliness of the rest of the staff when we drop off/pick up! - Lauren L. on 04/15/2024

Everyone is very nice and courteous not to just the kids but the parents and grandparents. The classrooms are very well organized and the education is very fun and engaging for my daughter. - Luan N. on 04/04/2024

They care about the kids and listen to feedback when adjustments are needed. - Erin S. on 04/04/2024

Dyna does a fantastic job leading the school, and Maya has thrived at Kiddie. She has great teachers, lots of friends and always speaks well of the school. I’m grateful for the community there. - Ethan - Ethan R. on 04/01/2024

Teachers and management are very communicative and work together with parents to problem solve. Good balance of learning and interpersonal skills. - Lindsay B. on 04/01/2024

Por. Q. Aprenden. Muchas. Cosas. Y. Todos. Son. Muy. Amicable. Y. Atentos. Con. Los. Niños. Y. Tienen. Muchos actividades. Para. El. Desarrollo del. Niño. Gracias. - Marisol L. on 03/29/2024

We are very happy to be here, because your daycare has very amazing teachers and your program for kids. - Valentyna S. on 03/28/2024

I like that my daughter is learning how to count, the ABCs, she even knows where rain comes from! - Jennifer N. on 03/28/2024

Ms. Wafaa is an exceptional teacher who truly cares for each child and has a passion for teaching. As a parent, finding a childcare provider you can trust is priceless. We are very grateful for her dedication. - Rosaline C. on 03/28/2024

Very clean environment and teacher to student ratio. Most importantly my kid seems happy to be there! - Blake L. on 03/28/2024

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