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"I enthusiastically recommend Kiddie Academy to everyone due to its exceptional qualities. As a concerned parent, my top priorities include food quality, safety, cleanliness, caring teachers, and a secure environment. Kiddie Academy excels in all these aspects, providing a comprehensive experience. Food Quality: The freshly prepared pure vegetarian meals at Kiddie Academy have significantly contributed to my children’s robust health. Their flexibility in catering to allergies and preferences reflects genuine care, akin to a mother’s love. The incorporation of fresh vegetables, fruits, main courses, and milk has visibly enhanced my child’s physical and mental growth. Safety and Cleanliness: The emphasis on cleanliness is evident, as classrooms and toys are diligently sanitized with bleach daily, ensuring a germ-free environment. This dedication to hygiene is reassuring as a parent. Caring Teachers: The teachers’ dedication to maintaining an incident-free environment through engaging activities has been exceptional. Notably, over the past year, there haven’t been any incident reports, a testament to their vigilance and commitment to child safety. Their compassionate and nurturing nature contributes significantly to shaping young minds positively. Administrative Staff: The administrative staff’s friendly interactions with the children create a sense of comfort and security, which is crucial for young minds to flourish. In sum, Kiddie Academy encompasses everything a parent seeks in a preschool. I’m genuinely grateful for the holistic and enriching experience they provide to my child. Their focus on food quality, safety, cleanliness, caring teachers, and a secure environment makes them a top choice for any parent seeking exceptional childcare services." - Vinothini L. on 09/13/2023

Friendly staff with excellent communication about daily activities and/or incidents. Curriculum includes a wide range of topics that keep the kids engaged and having fun! The check-in/check-out system, cameras, and tadpole updates help ease the normal parental anxiety when it comes to being separated from our kids all day. - Jen R. on 09/05/2023

I like that you have access on your child through cameras inside the classroom. It gives me peace of mind seeing him - Tristan S. on 09/05/2023

I love having an allergen friendly menu. My son has a SEVERE egg allergy and it makes me feel that my son is safe during meal times at school. - Laura N. on 09/05/2023

What makes Kiddie Academy are the people that work there and the academic standard and programs. Our son has been at Kiddie Academy Urbana since this location opened in 2019 and seen a change of hands since then. This current owner and administrators are great! That said, Kiddie Academy follows an educational standard and the daycare is run like a school. As a first time mom, I expected a daycare would be just minding the child aka babysitting but in a facility. Kiddie Academy has been much more than that. To give examples, as early as 18 months old if not sooner, kids seat at a table to eat, taught manners, taught how to wash their hands and as they grow older, they learn new things and expectations change. Another example, they are expected to wash their hands when they come into school. There is a set schedule that’s followed. Children are given nap time, play time, learning time, and allowed to socially and cognitively develop. Children just don’t seat in the facility, they go outside too. They play with water, engage in science related activities fit for their age such as planting seeds to watch them grow. The children are prepared from infancy for kindergarten. And have a graduation to mark the end of their time at daycare and the beginning of school new. Drop offs and pickups are easy. Everything is computer driven from checking in and checking out, which opens the door to the school. Tuition payments are also done through an electronic payment gateway (on the web). I love that we can log in to watch our child from WatchMeGrow and get pictures and updates of what our child was up to via pictures in Tadpoles. At drop offs and pickups the children are greeted by the administrators as you walk in or walk out. From the interaction, you can tell the administrators have had contact with the children and they know them. I like the fact that the children are fed healthy meals and snacks. Parents get a email advising us of the week’s meal plan. Since dayca - Pamela A. on 07/09/2023

I love that even though I have a baby he’s not doing nothing all day. The teachers are very engaging and do projects. Everything they do has been very intentional especially with milestones. If they know he is working on a new skill, they encourage it for him to get stronger and confident. - Laura N. on 07/07/2023

Great teachers and facility. The camera access is key. - Binh L. on 07/07/2023

The best teachers! - Rebecca M. on 06/10/2023

The admin and staff are all wonderful. They welcome our family in and make our daughter feel comfortable and excited to go to school! The administration is very responsive and helpful. They listen and they care. Our daughter's teachers have been the best! Miss Taylor and Miss Autumn really put a lot of effort in with the children and you can tell that they enjoy their time with them. My husband and I would definitely recommend Kiddie Academy of Urbana! - Gina D. on 06/05/2023

Having the web/camera access to my little one's class room and playground area. Its so comforting knowing that you can see your kid whenever you want. It also shows that how confident you guys are with your service. - Mizan G. on 06/03/2023

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