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I like that the staff are patient with the children. I like the fact that they are learning. Teaching the kids to be enter active and sharing. And I feel good to no that when I leave my child with Kiddie acdcemy. That she is safe. - Laverne D. on 02/28/2016

The staff is amazing!! A wonderful learning environment! - Dalene V. on 02/22/2016

Considering the class sizes, Kiddie Academy has always been flexible and accommodating to my child's individual needs. - Carlos A. on 02/02/2016

I like the daily reports given on what my child is learning .. The attentiveness to his needs ate greatly appreciated - Malonnie D. on 01/20/2016

They honestly care about each individual child - Olivia F. on 01/19/2016

The consistency of the staff; I have been there for about 1 1/2 years and have seen minimal turnaround in the staff. This makes for a comfortable environment for the children especially when they transition from one classroom to another. - Heather J. on 01/14/2016

friendly staff, kids enjoy going to school, manners the school teach to the kids, curriculum - Marie Macawile U. on 01/11/2016

My son is learning how to read. He has weekly homework which will prepare him for kindergarten. I'm so happy he has daily projects where he is learning something new. My son always tells me he had lots of fun. The teachers are always friendly and helpful.I most definitely recommend Kiddie Academy. - Maria B. on 12/22/2015

My children have learned a lot and do so while having fun - Evelyn C. on 11/19/2015

It is a great environment! My daughter loves going to kiddie academy! - Dalene V. on 11/17/2015

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