Testimonials from Kiddie Academy of Vacaville

“My daughter comes home everyday and excited to tell me what she's learned that day. The teachers are dedicated and its showing through the children progress. ”

Jennifer B.


“I am pleased to have the Pledge if Allegiance taught. Having her practice her writing is also very important. She knows letters of her friends names and her name. It’s a great start! ”

Maggie E.


“I love the people who work there and the care they provide my son. Very dependable. ”

Michele S.


“I love that the kids Are taught and not just watched. My daughter went to kiddie since she was 2 and by the time she started kindergarten she was already reading!! Now I have my son going to kiddie and he loves going.”

Yanin A.


“Kiddie Academy incorporates educational curriculum and activities (e.g., STEM) with the care they provide. This initiative helps to promote early learning habits (e.g., reading, writing, socializing), and sets up children who are pre-K and older for success in school.”

Yolanda A.


“From the staff to the facility to the educational content being taught the Kiddie Academy is hands down the best choice we have made for our child thus far. Our daughter has been passionate about learning ever since she was first enrolled and comes home thrilled every day to show us what she has learned that day. Before her enrollment our daughter didn’t know the alphabet or how to count past 20 but now she knows the alphabet, how to count to 100 and is learning common words and phrases in several different languages. Thank you Kiddie Academy!”

Joshua H.


“How caring and patient the staff is. ”

Brianna C.


“The personal communication. Also liked the transportation provided when school was physically in session. But the communication is most important. I feel safe with my grandson there. I know he’s in good hands. ”

Pillar J.


“The fact you all teach multiple subjects and the kids get to learn a bit of everything while still being kids and having fun. It’s not just a daycare it’s an actual learning facility and you all actually get these kids ready for big kid school. I love it ”

Bray D.


“Everything! I love all of the educational activities and care from staff. ”

Michelle S.


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