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You teach the kids how to say thank you and count in four different languages. They learn how to read. - Krystal J. on 08/27/2018

Very hands on and interactive with the children - Noel A. on 08/07/2018

My child is learning something new everyday! We are impressed with the progress that he has made and look forward to our youngest starting tomorrow! - Samantha H. on 07/31/2018

Excellent staff and effective teaching methods. The facility is immaculate and staff go above and beyond to ensure the children feel happy, confident and secure. - Kathleen D. on 07/25/2018

The staff is the most important to mention... They provide a peace of mind every mother/parent wants! The educational enviornment is absolutely wonderful as well! Word of mouth is some of the best marketing and y'all sure have me talking!! - Nicole N. on 04/21/2018

The teachers are so engaged in the children's learning. There are so many activities. My son is learning a ton and loves going to school. It's clean and safe. It's organized. - Sonia S. on 03/18/2018

I really like how we get daily updates on what the kids did that day, everything from what they had for lunch to what letter they practiced and the activities in between. It allows us at home to continue those focuses to maintain the consistency they have gotten used to. My son has learned sign language, how to say "Thank you" in several different languages, learned to read and overall has gained a confidence that he didn't have before he started at Kiddie Academy. - Christine M. on 02/27/2018

Everything! This has been great for Billy!!! - Shannon S. on 02/20/2018

My granddaughter is in the pre Kindergarten program and she has progressed significantly in four short months. Her teachers and their teaching methods have built her confidence and preparation for kindergarten. She has also learned to focus and exercise patience. She has begun to read and spell and enhanced her math skills. She has seven more months until kindergarten begins and will progress academically where she will have a solid foundation to accomplish everything Kindergarten presents her. I especially applaud the gentle way structure and discipline is developed in all the students which enhanced the learning environment. Especially noteworthy: Kiddie Academy is immaculate. My granddaughter was previously in a home daycare and was sick, constantly. Since beginning Kiddie Academy, she has not been ill once. - Kathleen D. on 01/20/2018

Kiddie academy is an excellent learning center which encourage kids to read. My son has improved his reading skills and loves his teachers. The staff is so friendly and helpful. I have recommended them to all my friends. My friends have also had a pleasant experience with kiddie academy. If you are looking for a fun, safe, and educational environment for your child, Kiddie Academy is the one!! - Maria B. on 01/20/2018

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