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I like that you have thorough standards for each classroom. I like that you take good care of our child. I like that the environment is friendly & warm. I like that you have webcams so that I can check in and see what my child is up to. - Hayley B. on 03/15/2021

The staff is great, informative and helpful. Most importantly my kids come home happy. - Timothy O. on 03/09/2021

I've already recommended the Dibble family to start with their daughter, Norah. We love this school and intend to stay as long as Lilja is eligible. - Sarah A. on 03/08/2021

Kiddie Academy is a great balance between education and fun. A lot of activities are play based learning and keep my 4 year old’s attention. He has learned a lot since starting at Kiddie Academy. - Justine T. on 02/28/2021

Friendly caring workers , a great atmosphere for Aidden. - Kimberly A. on 02/28/2021

There is open communication and all requests have been met with respect and attention. The Kiddie Academy has is extremely dependable and how they've handled the pandemic has only strengthened that opinion. - Suky V. on 01/17/2021

All of the staff are approachable, friendly, and great with our son. I was initially hesitant to put our son in daycare, and I am so glad we decided to look into Kiddie Academy 3 years ago. We immediately had a good feeling about their program and the staff. Our son "graduated" from preschool last summer and they still continue to be a tremendous support to him, now with his remote learning during the pandemic. The facility our son goes to has managed to avoid a COVID-19 outbreak, so as parents, we have been able to continue to work and be assured our son's education can continue. We are eternally grateful for them being his first introduction to school, and for supporting his transition to kindergarten during unprecedented times. - Jennifer W. on 01/11/2021

Everything - Valeriia T. on 01/10/2021

The staff communicates well and my children are safe and happy! What more could you ask for as a parent? - Ali W. on 01/10/2021

Very caring and focused on my son’s needs. - Alicia O. on 01/10/2021

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